Brawler will lose $ 202 million. “Brooklyn” did not stand on ceremony with Kyrie Irving


Brawler will lose $ 202 million. “Brooklyn” did not stand on ceremony with Kyrie Irving

Brooklyn Nets point guard Kyrie Irving has been suspended from training and matches due to refusal to vaccinate. The Nets made a difficult but sensible decision earlier in the week.

“During the adoption process, everyone had their say. Such decisions take time. This is not an easy decision. But, as it seems to me, it has common sense and it brings complete clarity to everyone.

We will move on. If something changes and Kairi can return … It will be incredible. The situation when the player appeared and disappeared was difficult. Now it’s clear that we can focus on the moment and move forward, “said Nets head coach Steve Nash.

After the news of Irving’s dismissal, some new details about the situation became known.

“Numerous sources with direct knowledge of Irving’s decision told The Athletic that Kyrie is not opposed to vaccinations. His position is that he is upset because people are losing their jobs due to vaccination requirements. Irving explained this to his teammates. For him, this is a more serious struggle than playing on the court. Kairi challenges control over society and people’s livelihoods. Irving is able to make this decision given his current position in life. According to one of the sources, Kairi wants to be the leader of those who have no voice, ”- said the insider Shams Charania.

The decision on Irving was made by Nets owner Joseph Tsai and general manager Sean Marks. The opinions of the club stars Kevin Durant and James Harden, as well as the head coach Steve Nash, were heard. It seems that Kairi is just bored with everyone. Even close friend Durant, who essentially left the Golden State Warriors in the 2019 offseason for the opportunity to team up with Kyrie.

Kevin has not yet made harsh comments about Kyrie. The same cannot be said about Harden. Looks like James is tired of pretending everything is okay.

“We need to focus on the players we currently have on the roster. You have to work hard every day. This is all that depends on us. Our main goal now is to get better every day and prepare for matches. We discussed this issue, but the final decision was with the leadership. My vote was not decisive, but I can express my opinion. We must keep moving forward. Did I communicate with Irving after the suspension? No, I didn’t communicate, ”Harden replied sharply.

In fact, Brooklyn has shown iron patience with Kyrie. Even last season, the Nets forgave the point guard’s unauthorized departure from the club. They turned a blind eye to any quirks of the basketball player, including a boycott of the US national anthem and an attempt to disrupt the restart of the 2019/20 season, when Kyrie, against the background of the situation with George Floyd and the BLM movement, gathered a group of like-minded people around him who did not want to go to the court. Then Kairi was treated even more or less normally, but Irving did not offer any plan to the “conspirators”. Ultimately, the season was played out safely.

Irving has long lost his reputation as a sane person. It’s not even that declarer is a flat-earth proponent. It all started with a conflict with LeBron James in the Cleveland Cavaliers, continued with a toxic influence on the Boston Celtics locker room and scandals in Brooklyn. For a long time, Irving’s basketball talent outweighed destructive off-court behavior. Although, in Kyrie’s place, some average role-playing player would have been kicked out of the NBA long ago.

In the first place, Irving did not feel the financial consequences of his controversial actions. Kyrie was paid tens of millions of dollars. Brooklyn hoped that at the decisive moment the point guard would come out on the court and become a full-fledged part of the Big Trio with Harden and Durant, helping the team win the NBA title. Kyrie made the playoffs last season but was injured in a second round streak with the Milwaukee Bucks (3-4). Harden also had health problems. This year, the Nets reasonably hoped that at a key moment the scenario with the leaders’ injuries would not be repeated and the Big Trio would be healthy. However, Kairi has derailed everything.

Now the basketball star will finally feel the financial consequences of his behavior. Kyrie faces a $ 16 million fine for missing all home matches for violating safety protocols. In addition, Brooklyn has abandoned the idea of ​​renewing the contract with him.

“Irving is willing to donate $ 16 million from his paycheck for next season, as well as $ 186 million in renewals that are no longer offered to him,” said insider Shams Charania.

That is, Irving agrees to lose a total of $ 202 million. For what? Kyrie has finally made a statement about the situation by recording a short video. The arguments are so-so.

“Retirement? I don’t think I will have to leave basketball because of this. Don’t believe any of this bullshit. As with everything that has been said about me so far, since I have not yet had the opportunity to go up to the podium and speak on my behalf. All these people say all these things about what is happening to me. It is not true. Pay attention to what is happening in the real world. People are losing their jobs due to these coronavirus regulations. People are forced to make choices when their own lives are at stake. I respect these people and want to help them.

I understand that there are financial implications, I don’t want that. But the reality is that in order to be present in New York, to be on the team, I must be vaccinated. I decided not to get vaccinated, it’s my choice. I would like to ask you all to respect this choice.

I will continue to keep fit, I will be ready to play, I will be ready to join my teammates, I will be a part of it all. This whole story has nothing to do with politics, has nothing to do with the NBA, has nothing to do with the Nets. It has to do with my life and my choices, ”said Irving.

It is unclear how Irving’s boycott will help those suffering restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic. Isn’t it better to go to the site and use the money earned to create a fund to help those in need? It would be a really strong position. Moreover, Irving has nothing against vaccination as such. He only stands to protect other people who face restrictions due to the need to comply with strict anti-coronavirus measures. According to insider Brian Windhorst, Kyrie visited the mansion of the Nets owner Joseph Tsai and promised him to get vaccinated. Supposedly this will not be a problem at all. The training camp started and Kairi didn’t keep his word. And then Tsai and Marx finally lost their patience.

Brooklyn doesn’t need a part-time star. No other NBA club wants to deal with Kyrie either. Even Philadelphia, which needs to be exchanged for Ben Simmons , who does not want to play in the team . Looks like Kyrie Irving ends up as an NBA basketball player. In the 2021/2022 season, Kyrie should receive $ 35 million, of which at least $ 16 million will be deducted in the form of fines for violating coronavirus protocols.

In the offseason of 2022, Irving could activate the player option, which will provide him with another $ 36.65 million. He will probably do so, if he has not completely lost touch with reality. That’s all. The contract is about to expire. In the summer of 2023, Irving becomes a free agent. It is hard to believe that someone will offer him a large contract or even dare to sign even for the minimum wage. Practice shows that over time, Irving only worsens his reputation, and does not restore it.


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