Bye, the last “real” champion! There will be no more people like Raikkonen in F1


Bye, the last “real” champion! There will be no more people like Raikkonen in F1

2007 World Champion Kimi Raikkonen has officially announced that he will retire from Formula 1 at the end of the 2021 season. This did not become a sensation: Valtteri Bottas was wooed in Kimi’s place for a long time, and the 40-year-old Raikkonen is hardly interested in fighting for eighth place in the Constructors’ Cup. It’s time to take care of the kids and, if you wish, play for Ferrari at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Raikkonen’s results in recent years also indicate that the withdrawal will take place in a timely manner, but damn it, how the F1 will miss such a personality!

In modern lacquered Formula 1, where pilots are as careful as possible and, at best, indulge in obscenities in communication with a racing engineer or jokes on social networks that are quickly shyly removed, the Finn remained a breath of fresh air. A pilot who allowed himself more. And they did not try to prevent this “more”.

Alcohol and harassment? Not a reason not to love Kimi at all!

Raikkonen has long earned the motivation of a rider who speaks and does exactly as he sees fit, as he wants. And this honesty and sincerity was appreciated by everyone – both fans of other pilots and journalists, even if for them communication with Raikkonen, who, surrounded by the press, usually just served the number and did not hide it, almost always turned into torment.

Negative does not seem to stick to him. Any act for which another pilot could be crucified, in the case of Raikkonen, went down on the brakes.

Molested the waitress – well, it happens, and it was a long time ago. And without Instagram.

Got drunk at the FIA ​​gala in St. Petersburg – handsome, you have to be able to relax! And what kind of advertising “Khamovniki”.

I ate ice cream while the others were preparing for a possible continuation of the race – a legend!

Again he swears at the engineer on the radio – well, what he wanted, it’s enough to make mistakes when working with such a famous racer!

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Even his departure Kimi furnished in his own unique style – contrary to all the laws of PR. Well, why make an announcement on a weekday evening? Moreover, judging by the almost complete lack of reaction from the press service of Alfa Romeo, it cannot be ruled out that Raikkonen simply did not warn her! And this is the whole Kimi, whom the fans love so much.

Why there just can’t be a new Raikkonen

The current pilots simply cannot become the “successors” of Raikkonen. They would rather answer journalists for a long time and without content than try to directly hint that they do not care about interviews and all the PR duties that they have to work out.

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A new generation of F1 drivers is growing up in an idiotic era, when any word can be misinterpreted, any gesture (or refusal to execute it) will cause long controversy on social networks, any joke will be offended by someone.

For example, Lando Norris just posted a photo from a Mexican-style party – all of a sudden there were offenders who shouted that such “typing” of Mexicans was unacceptable. Where the world is heading …

In general, what kind of new Kimi can be? A pilot who will not only work wonders on the track, but also remain himself outside of it, having trained PR people and bewitched the fans.

Thank you Kimi! Thank you, the last “real” champion! Maybe in 15 years Raikkonen Jr. will replace you with dignity?


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