Carrera: on paper Juventus are the favorite in the match with Lokomotiv


© MARCO BERTORELLOФутболисты JuventusКаррера: на бумаге "Ювентус" - фаворит в матчах с "Локомотивом"

Sergey Astakhov. Italian “Juventus” will be the favorite in the match of football League of Champions against Moscow “Locomotive”, but only on paper, the game can happen anywhere, says a former head coach of “Spartacus” Massimo Carrera.

Lokomotiv in the group stage of the Champions League will play with Juventus, Spanish Atletico Madrid and German Bayer.

“On paper, Juventus looks the favourite, he is stronger than Lokomotiv. But this match need to play to know what will be the result. There can happen anywhere. I doubt that will come to Moscow for the game. I find it easier to watch the game in Turin,” said Carrera told reporters.

“I’m always watching Atalanta. I like how Gasperini (coach – ed.), how the team plays. Monitor the exercise,” he added.

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