CAS confirmed that Arsenal played the match-fixing. If it comes to the police?


In December 2019, the basketball was. Now it’s hard to believe, but despite the harsh realities, to get back in the winter I have to. It was then, 7 Dec 2019, the League quickly responded to the result of the match super League-2 “the Arsenal” — “Dynamo-Stavropol”.

Here is a video of the ending of the meeting. Recording of the whole match is available on the RBF website.

Put simply, over 7 minutes before the end of the match both teams stopped doing that usually players do to win is to get in the ring. 9 by penalty and 13 losses for two. Andrei Kirilenko has promised to deal with the situation.

“Certainly, the Russian basketball Federation will not leave this incident without attention. Will be thoroughly studied materials relevant to the match. Tomorrow will be an extraordinary meeting of the Executive Committee of the RBF. Now the video game is studied review Committee and the Department of professional basketball, which on Monday will present to the Executive Committee its findings,” said the main man of Russian basketball.

Word and deed are not separated, and after an extraordinary meeting of the Executive Committee of the RBF verdict the show was announced. He was severe.

“After evaluating the video footage of the match and conclusion of the screening Committee and recommendations of the Directorate, the Executive Committee considered the actions of the teams in the end of the meeting received. The result was the adoption of two decisions.

First, to cancel the result of the match “Arsenal” — “Dinamo” and count both teams forfeited “deprivation of rights”.

Second, in accordance with the regulations of the championship and Cup of Russia among men’s and women’s clubs/teams in the season-2019/20 to impose the following sanctions:

— given the presence of a warning for a violation of the spirit of sportsmanship and fair play in season 2017/18, to exclude from structure of participants XXIX of the championship of Russia on basketball among men’s clubs/teams of super League – the second division of the BC “the Arsenal” (Tula);

— to disqualify the rest of the season-2019/20 three Arsenal players — Paul Krykova, Dmitry Rutenko and Yegor Shcherbinsky, to issue a warning to the rest of the team;

disqualify until December 31, 2021 head coach of “Arsenal” Victor Uskova;

— to disqualify the rest of the season-2019/20 head coach of BC “Dynamo” (Stavropol) Alexander Sosnin;

— to issue a warning about the inadmissibility of violation of the principle of open competition Dynamo Stavropol and seven players of the team — Vladislav Illinova, Alexey Karpov, Georgy Korotaeva, Leonid Nikitenko, Vadim Nosov, Dmitry will Prokino and Artem Stepantsova.

In the case of repeated similar violations to consider the exclusion of “Dynamo” from structure of participants of competitions held under the auspices of the RSE, and suspensions of these players,” said a statement from the Federation.

Arsenal had a warning for such antics, but because the punishment was a maximum disqualification of the coach until the end of 2021 and the withdrawal of the team from the tournament. Dynamo, by and large, escaped with slight shock.

In Tula this decision was strongly disagree. Apparently, the club management and the head coach signs of wrestling in this speech still saw.

Then head coach Viktor Uskov (son of club President) found guilty. Hint — Arsenal were not to blame at all.

“Everyone decided that we were involved in unfair games, including because two years ago we had an incident with the team of Magnitogorsk, although no rates, as many say, then the speech did not go. Let me remind you that the consequences was the removal of one of the arbitrators, which was suspected of match service in a drunken state, for unskilled work, and the other two were given warnings.

And for some reason now the Stavropol all white and fluffy, although they took a timeout, after which deliberately ceased to score what was visible and obvious. And we somehow embroiled in this mess. We expect a fair investigation from the RBF and know that we are in anything illegal was involved. We want the reputation of our club was clean, and so he did not play along with the team that has haunted it is not clear what purpose,” said Uskov, Jr.

The resistance was gaining momentum. First, somewhere started an incredible statement of fans in which for some reason it was even about the war.

“We, the city, the region and our Arsenal — one team, for which we will fight, as for the Motherland in October 1941 against Guderian’s tanks. Russia is a strong unity, in unity is our strength!” — this is not a joke, these words were in the official use of fans.

The leadership went to the brave and courageous step. The RBF decision was challenged in the court of arbitration for Sport. On December 20 Tula rejoiced in Lausanne, suspended the decision on the disqualification. Arsenal continued to play in the championship. But the key statement was other words: “temporary security measures”. The highest sports court had to deal in the integrity of the match, and so it took time. Therefore, the club was given the opportunity to play.

Arsenal won the Eurasian basketball League, where in addition to the team from Tula playing clubs from Kazakhstan, Armenia and student team of the Moscow Academy of physical culture. Surprisingly, with victory team even congratulated the head of Tula region Alexey Dyumin.

“Success in the international tournament shows that Arsenal are on the right track. Let this achievement will give the club confidence to be able to perform in the championship of Russia”, — said in the appeal of the region.

The correctness of the path, however, leaves questions. April 8, CAS delivered its verdict. The decision of RBF remained in force, and the appeal of Arsenal has been rejected. The Tula club will still be excluded from number of participants of the championship of Russia and will take in the final classification in last place. In this case, all the costs of arbitration, certain court office of the CAS will be assigned to Arsenal.

Absolutely an unprecedented event for Russian sport. Sports Federation and the higher court of arbitration for sport acknowledged the lack of wrestling in the match. The RFB its verdict regarding the punishment handed down. The question remains — would that make the leadership of the Federation to go further and punish the perpetrators to the fullest extent of the law? In our country for this, for the record, a jail term.

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