“Celta” with Smolov beat “Getafe”


“Celta” with Fedor Smolov in the composition of the beat “Getafe” in the 25th round of the championship of Spain on football – 1:0. "Сельта" со Смоловым обыграла "Леганес"


Smolov after a match with “real” has received very favorable reviews in the press, and some publications have already hastened to name the Russian king of Vigo. However, in order for this title forever attached to this attacker, he is still a lot of work for the team.

In the match against “Getafe”, which is also fighting for survival, the Galicians things got worse. At the 21st minute of the match for rough play was deleted midfielder “salty” Philip Bradaric. It’s a little complicated the standing task team to win.

And yet after the break, the main star of the club from Vigo Iago ASPAs failed to hit the net guests. Three minutes later, the coach of “salty” decided to replace the Smolov, to strengthen the defense. Until the end of the match the score has not changed.

Celta managed to win a second victory in the last three games and again out of the direct relegation zone, scoring 24 points.

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