CFR knocked Celtic out of the Champions League


Romanian CFR Cluj away win of the Scottish “Celtic” (4:3) in the second leg of the third round of the qualifying tournament of the Champions League.


Composed of Scots goals scored James Forrest, Edson Edouard and Ryan Christie.

The guests answered with a double Billel Omrani and accurate punches of Ciprian DEAC and George Tsukudani.

Calendar and table of the Champions League

The first game ended in a draw — 1:1.In the two games Celtic lost. In the fourth round of the Romanian club will play with Czech “Slavia”.

Celtic in the Europa League will meet either with the Sheriff or with the AIC.

Champions League . 3rd qualifying round. The return match
“Seltik” (Scotland) — “CFR” (Romania) — 3:4 (0:1)
Goals: DEAC, 27 (0:1). Forrest, 51 (1:1). Edouard, 61 (2:1). Omrani, 74 — penalty (2:2). Christie, 76 (3:2). Omrani, 80 (3:3). Sukudan, 90+7 (3:4)Celtic: Bane, Simunovic, Alhamed, Iyer, brown (Bayo, 88), Forrest, McGregor, Ntsam (Griffiths, 83), Christie, Edward, Johnston (Morgan 75)“CFR”: Arlauskis, Vinicius, Chamber, Sušić, Burca, DEAC, Djokovic, Bordeanu, Aureliu (Paun, 78), Rondon (Sukudan, 46), Omrani (mureşan, 84)Warning: Rondon, 40. Alhamed, 41. Dyak, 63. Arlauskis, 88

In the other match of the Danish “Copenhagen” in his field yielded “Tsrvena zvezde” — 1:1 (6:7 on penalties).

The owners distinguished former player of “Locomotive” Dame N’doye (45). In the visitors goal scored by Richmond Boakye(17).

All the predictions Champions League

Note that in the second half the red card was a defender of the Serbian team Nemanja Milunović.

The first match ended with the score 1:1, the game went into extra time where the score has not changed. In the penalty shootout rather were the players of “red Star”.

Opponents of the Serbian team in the next stage of the Champions League will be the Swiss “young boys”.

Champions League . 3rd qualifying round. The return match
“Copenhagen” (Denmark) — “Tsrvena the Star” (Serbia) — 1:1 D. V. (1:1, 0:0, 0:0). Penalty — 6:7
Goals: Boake, 17 (0:1). Ngoi, 45 (1:1)Copenhagen: Gruebel, Bengtsson, Varela (Bartolec, 81), Papayannopoulos, Nelson, Convict, Stage (Falk, 60. Sotiriou, 120), Ndoi, Fisher, The Flaws Horus (Biel, 74), Winn“Crvena Zvezda”: Borgan Of Kin (Gender, 46), Milunovic, Degener, Gabelich, Marin Cañas (Pankow, 58), Ivanić, Jovancic, Boake (Simić, 81), Vukanovic (Jevtovic, 91)Warning: Milunović, 6. Ndou, 27. Brian, 27. Jovancic, 38. Boake, 50. Varela, 71. Biel, 89. Ivanic, 108. Marin, 110Removal: Milunović, 54. Biel, 112

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