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While the whole football world thinks of the penny, experiencing the consequences of coronavirus crisis, Chelsea comes off on the transfer market in full. Before the end of the season “blue” purchased at 93 million euros, signing Hakim Siese of “Ajax” and beating Liverpool in the race for Timo Werner from Leipzig. But the club do not plan to stay. With the support of Roman Abramovich, Director of the Chelsea Marina Granovskaya is currently negotiating on four large transactions, and, according to recent reports, they are very successful.

Chelsea suffered from a two-year ban on transfers, really need to strengthen the team. With the London youth Frank Lampard have already achieved a lot: in this season of “blue” reached the FA Cup final and finished in fourth place in the Premier League, securing a place in the Champions League. Successful performance in the group stage of the Champions League in the current campaign has brought the club a solid earnings — of about 60 million euros. However, the game against Bayern in the ⅛ finals showed that above the head with the mounts and Abrahama Lampard not to jump: beginners, of course, good, but to European calls is not ready yet, and some positions in Chelsea very bad things…

Who will come to replace Kep?

The main transfer goal for Chelsea last winter has put Frank Lampard, seated on the bench goalkeeper Kepu. During the season the leadership of the “blue” insisted the coach did not refuse from the services of the Spaniard, who cost the club 60 million euros, becoming the most expensive goalkeeper in history, but by the summer of bosses admitted their mistake. At the end of the 2019/20 campaign in the Premier League, the young goalkeeper was the weakest player of the tournament in his position, having made the fewest saves of all the “first offer” of the championship. Count on 38-year-old reservist Willy Caballero, the team also can not, so the Director of “blue” began to search for Lampard an alternative.

One of the four transactions on which now works Granovskaya, just designed to solve the goalkeeper problem. The London club have already contacted Ian Cloud of Madrid “Atletico”, which is often called the best goalkeeper in the world. Slovenia is a four-time winner of the Zamora Trophy for four consecutive seasons (2015-2019), he conceded the fewest goals per game among goalkeepers in La Liga. With the acquisition of Cloud Chelsea likely to beat their own transfer record — the club of Madrid willing to sell their goalkeeper not less than 110 million euros. The contract of the Slovenian atlético are designed to 2023, and Simeon, generally speaking, to let your mentee does not want to, but because of the financial crisis, the Spanish club can go on a major deal.

For Lampard acquisition of Cloud — transfer target number one, but there is an English specialist and replacement options. Among them is a young goalkeeper “Sheffield United” Dean Henderson, brilliantly manifested itself in this season. On an average game rating of English goalkeeper is superior and Alison of Liverpool FC and Ederson of Manchester city, taking the number of dry matches in third place in the championship of the Premier League. Right to the goalkeeper, however, belong to the man who expects soon to return to the player from the lease, but Chelsea can find a way to negotiate with his rival.

How not to turn into Arsenal?

Another small cadre gap in the Chelsea squad — is the position of Central defender. None of the three artists available to Lampard in the area, didn’t screw up season: and Zuma, and rüdiger, and Christensen, in General, keep the brand, however, to the stellar level of their performance still falls short. Limped the defenders of the “Chelsea” first of all the positional play — smart and nimble team and then catch the “blue” mistakes throughout the season (Liverpool, Manchester United, Leicester). Besides, focusing on the line of attack, “Chelsea” risks losing the balance of the composition.

Priority option for Lampard in the centre of defence is, of course, Calida Coulibaly, who had make a match in the EPL. 2015 defender “Napoli” each year falls in the symbolic team of best players of Serie A at the end of the season, and in the 2018/19 campaign was named best defender of the tournament. The transfer fee for the Senegalese transfermarkt is now estimated at 56 million euros, and the interest shown already for Liverpool and PSG, however, to part with a player of the Italian club is not in a hurry. If you agree with the Naples with “Chelsea” will not work, the club will switch on the home market, where Lampard are particularly interested in Declan rice from “West ham” and Nathan ake from “Bournemouth.”

The need to strengthen Lampard sees on the wing of the most trusted coach uses Azpilicueta, which has recently become one of the key players on the team. If one edge of the field consistently on duty the Spanish player, then on the opposite alternately act Rice James, then Marcos Alonso, Emerson. None of these players in the English specialist is not fully satisfied, so he is looking for in the market the alternatives are seriously interested in Ben Chilwell of “Lester” — one of the best left-backs in the championship. “Fox,” however, require for 23-year-old Englishman not less than 55 million euros, hoping to keep the player.

If you agree with “Lester” on the cost of the transfer, Chelsea will fail, the club may switch her attention to Nicolas Tagliafico of “Ajax”. Londoners have long been interested in the Argentine, who was in England in recent months calling former teammate Hakim Ziyech. The purchase of Talarico will be “blue” to a much smaller amount — Amsterdam asks for the player only 26 million euros. The third option is Chelsea left-back Getafe mark Cucurella, whose team, by the way, beat Ajax in this season’s Europa League.

Full of happiness…

To Seesu and Werner, have already arrived in the location of Chelsea may soon join another Bundesliga star — Kay Heuertz. Rumors about the transfer of a young German, for which Bayer claimed at least hundreds of millions of euros, for the last time, only worse, and to add fuel to the fire accidentally got Leroy Sané. At its press conference at Bayern player praised Chelsea for alleged already completed the purchase of Caverta. German journalists say that the contract of 21-year-old midfielder with the London club has already been agreed, and now, after the end of the season the Premier League, “blue” completes the long-awaited deal. At the same time, according to media reports, Chelsea have managed to reduce the price of the player up to 80 million euros!

If the parties come to an agreement, Chelsea will get a perfectly-stocked forward line. Clever and creative Heuertz, who plays usually behind the striker or on the right flank, in the “blue” will replace the apparently universal Mount Mason. To the right in the case of the expected departure of Willian will be similar to the parameters rookie Hakim Ziyech, whose partner is already in the Central zone will be Timo Werner, who replaced Olivier Giroud. Performance of the same Christian Politica on the left flank Lampard, apparently satisfied with the second half of the season American plays at the start. If Chelsea do manage to collect this supercast, Lampard could return to Chelsea in the title race, and in the English Premier League faded in the last time intrigue.

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