Cherevchenko conquering the capital. “Arsenal” after “Spartak” has beaten Moscow CSKA


Tula “Arsenal” seems to be handier to beat the capital giants in their field. In any case, the same CSKA, Arsenal lost at home, now took revenge on the road.News SMI2

After Lokomotiv’s last home match in the past calendar year spent in this round and CSKA. In December, the team left only trips to Krasnodar in RPL and Barcelona, where the encounter with Espanyol will end with the inglorious campaign team of Viktor Goncharenko is the current draw of the Europa League. Therefore, the red and blue was supposed to be a serious motivation to say goodbye to their fans before the spring on a positive note.

It was important not only for the reason that in the previous game with the “Ferencvaros” in the Europa League CSKA looked very pale and barely got a draw, although we could set an absolute antirecord, having lost all three home games in the group stage second European Cup. Victory over the Tula armourers were necessary purely from a tournament point of view: after all, the main competitors of CSKA in this round lost points (only “Krasnodar”, playing in parallel at home with “Tambov”, could win) and the team coach will have a great chance to break the second place in the table.

To achieve this goal, the coaching staff red-blue put up quite familiar composition. The change compared to the match against the “Ferencvaros” was only one instead of the Arnor Sigurdsson in a group attack appeared gradually approaching to the optimal form of Alan Dzagoev.

Mentor of Tula Igor Cherevchenko is also minimal way adjusted the starting lineup. Returned to among the 11 major Kirill Kombarov habitually took the captain’s armband and position on the right flank of defense. And Robert Bauer has shifted closer to the center of the defensive line of the guests. So both teams used the scheme with three Central defenders. Another thing is that Arsenal and on the flanks of the located rated players of the defensive plan, while CSKA long been accustomed to the fact that both of his winger are actually polunamekami.

Unfortunately, it is not only frosty weather with a biting wind significantly reduced audience of this meeting. At exactly the same hour – at half past seven in the evening – in the Park of the legends began battle army club of Moscow and St. Petersburg, and comfortable atmosphere of a hockey match certainly took away some part of the audience at a football match. Once again the leadership of our major sports leagues do not care about the interests of fans by putting the game mates from different sports at one time.

Hockey CSKA scored first, that was in principle predictable, even despite the serious status of the opponent – SKA. On the “WEB Stage”, meanwhile, their football counterparts were trying their usual trump card, which does not take even a decent “minus” on the street, to confound tight defence of the gunners.

The first real scoring chances of CSKA has already created closer to the end of half an hour. After a cross from the right Nicola vlašićseemed to beat for sure, but from inside the penalty area hit the post. In General, the right flank of the army team again at full speed: Mario Fernandez after a few obscure games again aggressively and productively plowed his brow. In the end half Russian Brazilian has made another aimed pass into the penalty area – only riding now, and Fedor Chalov head could penetrate into the corner but sent the ball into the hands of Egor Chamova.

Cherevchenko to this time had forced substitution: Sergey Tkachev got a pretty serious injury and accompanied by medical staff, limping badly, went to podtribunnogo room. His position in the group attack, Arsenal took Daniel Lisova.

The replacement proved to be effective – however, after the break. Apparently, the sharp intensification of actions in attack in the second half after a rather cautious first was part of the strategic plan of the armourers. In one episode Eugene Lutsenko received a pass on the free space, but to run a race with two defenders of CSKA did not – instead, it pulled the attention of both and gave an excellent pass on a free Jungle. That was not difficult “to shoot” Igor Akinfeev practically no chance for the army goalkeeper.

At this point I remembered how Arsenal opened the scoring in the match with “Spartak” “Open Arena” (then scored Lutsenko), and then properly “dried” game. Against CSKA Tula did not think to close. The same Lisova couple of times disturbed Akinfeev dense long-range shot after a nice attack at the hotel.

Goncharenko was doing the usual thing – trying to rectify the situation on the field through substitutions, and the transformation tactic. After replacing Vadim Karpov on Yak Biola the army team moved on to play four at the back, and Slovenia went to butt aerial balls and try to smother the counter attacks of Tula in the Bud. And closer to the end exhausted Dzagoev was replaced by Sigurdsson.

Eight minutes before the end of regular time a great chance to equalise missed Chalov. The striker found the transmission in the right sector a free kick about ten meters from the gate, and Fedor turn tried to get into the near corner but missed the target. The Arsenal players after the end of the episode together and attacked the referee Nikolai Voloshin, pointing to his lying on the lawn Lutsenko and insisting that the game should have stopped.

In the first round match in Tula CSKA managed not only to recoup after the goal, the “gunners”, but to snatch the victory at the end of the meeting. Then the three points the team brought only what passed in the team from the “Tambov” Central defender Cedric Gogua. This time the Ivorian was not on the field, and the role of the Savior of the red and blue to take over failed anyone. But Shamov in the gate of the guests was reliable and cool, taking all the balls flying to the target gate.

After this victory, Arsenal climbed to seventh in the table, beating Spartak. But CSKA missed the opportunity to go into second place behind Zenit. Now the army on the point ahead and still “the locomotive” and “Krasnodar”.

RPL. 18-first round

CSKA – “the Arsenal” (Tula) – 0:1 (0:0)

Goal: Lisova (Lutsenko), 52

CSKA: Akinfeev (K) – Karpov (Biel, 67), Diveev, Magnusson – Bistrovich, Oblakov – Mario Fernandes, Dzagoev (Sigurdsson, 78), of vlašić, Kuchaev (Akhmetov, 57) – Chalov

Arsenal: Shamov – K. Kombarov (K), Bauer, Belyaev, Grigalava, Alvarez – Kostadinov, Caustic – Tkachev (Lisova, 31), Gorbatenko – Lutsenko (Lomovitski, 83)

Warning: Diveev, 90+4 – K. Kombarov, 24. Lisova, 84

Referee: Nikolay Voloshin (Smolensk)

2 Dec. Moscow. Stadium “VEB-arena”

source: “Soviet sport”

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