“Chess” Medvedev and the anniversary of Serena. What is remembered of the US Open

In the Open championship of the USA decided the semi-finalists. And among them there is one Russian Daniil Medvedev continues his miracle summer! “Soviet sport” – about his latest success, the departure of Federer and Djokovic and the anniversary of the victory of Serena.

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Actually, we already knew that. Coming in three finals in a row, winning the masters in Cincinnati and became the fifth racket of the planet, Daniil Medvedev will automatically receive this status. But to confirm it was necessary – after all on “the Big helmets”, in the main tournaments of the year, he had never even been to the quarterfinals! “Out of eight already works for me. Not to say that I will live happy. But rejoice – for sure,” said the Russian.

And at first, as it seemed, even this result show fail. Fatigue and health problems hit Daniel in the first circles. Match with Hugo Delinom he has completed virtually on one leg (the second brought the worst cramps). Was often called on court of the doctor. Satapower and hips, and the shoulder… And it was clear that to move quickly – and this is one of the foundations of all of his tennis – Medvedev cannot. Not physically ready. Nevertheless, it is still in the semi – finals!

Because Daniel is a genius. A real natural talent. And fantastically smart guy. Lyceum of physics and mathematics and one year at MGIMO have not been in vain – perhaps no one in the Tour (maybe with the exception of the guys from the “big-3”) cannot also great to read the game and build tactics as the Russians. “He plays tennis and chess!”, – admired mats Wilander in his show on Eurosport. That is a tactic (and a large Arsenal of strikes, which helps to use it) has allowed Medvedev in spite of all the problems (and at the same time – whistling the public, with whom he had a fight in the third round, showing the middle finger stands) to pass not only Delena, but Lopez and Dominic Copper (a German because really surprised by his breakthrough!), and most importantly – Stan Wawrinka.

We don’t know how to end this tournament. The semi-final against Daniel Dimitrov awaits on Friday. But here’s what we know now:

– Medvedev is the first of the Russians in 2010 reached the semi-finals on “Grand slam” (the latter was the South, and also in new York).

– He has already earned almost a million dollars (specifically – 960 000) for performance at the US Open. For the title give 3 900 000.

– Now it will be the fourth racket of the world!

And he already has a ticket for the Final tournament ATP (there are Russian tennis players has not been since 2009, when the title was won by Nikolay Davydenko).

But the main thing we know is that Medvedev confirmed the star status. And there is every chance that in the near future he will add to it the prefix “super”.


«Шахматы» Медведева и юбилей Серены. Чем уже запомнился US Open

Oh, how many fans were pissed before the start of the tournament, knowing that Federer and Djokovic were drawn in the same half! “Again, Nadal cleared the net!” – lamented the fans. Which, of course, was ludicrous (although, knowing about the closed principle of the draw in new York, you can assume anything you want). But nonetheless.

Rafa really became the main favorite of the tournament. But not because someone from the “big 3” could only meet in the final. In fact, Federer and Djokovic, even to each other did not come! Even in the semi-finals did not work! So what’s the difference now that they were in the same half?

Novak’s health failed in the second round I had a sore shoulder, which he couldn’t beat the left and was experiencing serious discomfort. Londero and then Denis Kudla Serb managed to beat even with one hand, but against Wawrinka since sdyuzhil couldn’t. And, giving Stan two sets, decided to act. Not to torment himself or the audience (the groans and grimaces of pain).

Federer was not removed and lost into a full-fledged fight in five sets. Grigor Dimitrov (Bulgarian success – a separate issue, but that’s another story). Later, however, complained of neck pain. But he stressed that it doesn’t matter. “All the players when something hurts. My problems do not detract from the merits of Gregory,” said Roger.

And left the tournament. So wanted to win…

Only Nadal looks hearty. It hurts nothing, nothing bothers, including – rivals. Rapha roller passes at all – even for John Millman in the first round (the same one that last year here knocked Federer out in the quarter-finals). Though against Cilic. Though Diego Schwartzman (and the Argentine is in fantastic shape!).

And not to say in fact that it is more recent than Djokovic against Federer. After Wimbledon played only one tournament. While Novak and Roger lost to the Russian guys in Cincinnati (first – Medvedev, second Rublev). But Nadal in Montreal easily won the title!

The bottom line… We can admire Medvedev. Remembering that can play tennis Dimitrov. Or progressive Berrettini. But need to understand that the main contender for the status of champion that is Nadal.


«Шахматы» Медведева и юбилей Серены. Чем уже запомнился US Open

The current US Open gave us some great stories. For example, the story “love and victory” from Svitolina and Monfis. One of the most colorful couples of tennis (and the most successful in terms of results since then, Sharapova has broken up with Dimitrov) not so long ago managed to break and then to resume the relationship, but in this tournament at once, decided to shoot both of the lovers (usually they play successfully at a time). In the end, the Gael reached the quarterfinals (where five sets were cut with Matteo Berrettini, but still lost). And Svitolina advanced to the semifinals (and guaranteed a place in the top 3 at the end of tournaments).

Or, for example, to take Bianca Andreescu. In the beginning, the canadian was not in the top 100! During the season missed a few months due to a shoulder injury. Has already won 43 matches in matches (with only four losses!), never lost to opponents from the top 10, took the titles in Indian wells and Toronto, now – on debut for the US Open – just made it to the semifinals! And she will be in the top ten in the rankings on Monday. We still don’t know how Bianca will finish the tournament. Maybe with a new trophy!

And yet, the main heroine is still the “eternal” Serena Williams. Which in the quarterfinals defeated the Chinese player Qiang Wang, celebrated the anniversary, 100-th victory in the courts “flushing meadows”.

As it turned out, the American came to a meeting with Sharapova in the first round (which “made” for 59 minutes– 6:1, 6:1). She is really fine! Only Catherine McNally in the second round managed to catch her set. All the other rival “flew” in two batches. Including Qiang Wang, who had beaten Ashleigh Barty.

Serena held his first US Open in 1998. then I Went in the third round. And this result still remains the worst on the courts “flushing meadows”. In 1999 – 20 years ago (Andreescu then, say, not even born!) – Williams at the age of 17 took here first “Grand slam” (from their current 23). Then he won five more times (2002, 2008, 2012-2014). And three times have lost only in the finals (2001, 2011, 2018). She really loves new York. And knows how to win here. And will be fitting if the coveted 24th “Helmet” will win here. So far, at least Serena has a good chance.

source: “Soviet sport”

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