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Andrei Rublev the third time in a month and a half beat the tennis player from top 10 ranking. On Tuesday in the first round of the US Open, the Russians defeated the eighth racket of the world – Ziziphus Stephanos from Greece.

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Throughout the first round of the tournament (at least the male part) was not meeting more interesting than Rublev – Citipass!

Boys of the same age (both 21). Both speak the same language (recall that Stefanos is half Russian). Both this season beat Roger Federer. Both were in the quarterfinals on “the Big helmets”, and Rublev – two years ago (by the way, just in new York in 2017). Both are considered rising stars… Yes, there are ascending – at least Zizipus – is a real star! Recently was fifth in the world, is now eighth in the rankings. At the Australian Open broke Federer, on “Masters” in Madrid the Rafael Nadal! Of course, from him much is expected…

However, as from Andrew. Which last year and a half seriously messed up injuries (first a compression fracture of the spine, then an arm problem). But which in recent years gained great physical shape, and after it, and the game tightened. In Hamburg, in mid-July, he beat the fourth racket of the world Austrian Dominic Thiem. On “Masters” in Cincinnati three weeks ago almost defeated Federer. Then he entered the top eight in Winston-Salem and had the sense that Denis Shapovalov he lost on purpose. Purely for the sake of economy of forces – before the last “Big slam” of the season.

Because, with all due respect to Shapovalov, he looked worse than Rublev.

Now he is only 43rd in the world. But this is in the ranking. The level of the game – so at least is in the top 20! And it’s a shame that it Ticipation blind draw in new York brought in the first round.

On the other hand, theoretically, we saw what could be crucial games “Grand slams” in the next three to four seasons! When Djokovic, Federer and Nadal will start to take their positions and leave the top 3. And let no one is sure that it is in principle happen, but still: for Andrew and Stefanos – the future…


While Ziziphus was considered a favorite nominal. Just best ranking and seeding under 8-m number. A solid start to the season (semi-final Australian Open, a title in Marseille, final in Madrid and semis in Rome) Greek oiled drop in form, coinciding with the beginning of the summer. At Wimbledon he lost in the first round (the Italian Thomas Fabbiano). Then, in Washington, reached the semifinals, where he gave a real fight to nick Kyrios – losing only with the score 7:9 in tie-break final set (the Aussie then take the title, on two tie-breaks, beating Daniil Medvedev). And then lost two matches in a row at the start of “Masters” in Montreal and in Cincinnati. And – not the most difficult opponents (unlike Kyrios) – Polish Hubert Hurkalo and German Jan-Lennard Struff. In new York he obviously arrived not in the best condition. In contrast to Rublev, the successes of which are already mentioned above.

So nobody expected that Zizipus surely pass the Russians. Quite the contrary – it is from Andrew was waiting for more powerful games.

So in the end result.

We saw a real blockbuster! And it was all:

– a long, delightful drawings of 20-25 beats with a change of direction, with candles, crosses and strokes.

a brilliant innings (34 ACE for two!).

– affair with the breaks and back breaks (Rublev led to the difference in the two games played in each of the sets, but only in the first kept the advantage).

– return to sebelah (Zizipus played them with about half a dozen!).

– convulsions of one of the athletes Stefanos from the middle of the fourth set became limp, experiencing pain in the leg (“I too had such problems, but I tried not to reveal them,” admits Andrew).

– conflict with the judge, when the Greeks earned a penalty point, joining the argument with the referee on the tower about tightening time (“I need to change! If you want fines!” evil shouted Zizipus. What did it).

But most importantly, we saw the victory of Rublev. In a bitter, three-hour meeting. Through their own active games, and not problems of the rival (indeed, despite the cramps, Stefanos does not wind down). And this success allows us to hope Andrei is not just getting to the top 40. And it is not casual played in the quarterfinals of the US Open. Continue in the same spirit – will make their way there again!

So, in fact, not to him but Zizipus really unlucky with the draw…

source: “Soviet sport”

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