“Come on, confess.” Has Michael Jordan been fooling everyone for decades and creating a fake legend?


“Come on, confess.” Has Michael Jordan been fooling everyone for decades and creating a fake legend?

On June 11, 1997, Chicago Bulls attacking guard Michael Jordan scored 38 points, 7 rebounds, 5 assists and 3 steals in the fifth match of the NBA Finals series with the Utah Jazz (90:88). Jordan’s state of health before the match was terrible, but he nevertheless stepped onto the floor and practically single-handedly brought his team a victory. This moment is considered one of the most iconic in Michael’s career and is called the “flu game”.

Jordan accomplished a real sporting feat. 99% of basketball players in his place would simply miss the game due to very poor health. Michael’s competitive nature did not allow this to be done. There was too much at stake. The score in the series could be 3: 2 in favor of “Jazz”, but Jordan helped to ensure that it was his team that took the lead in the confrontation. A couple of days later, Chicago beat Utah (90:86) at home in the sixth game of the series and won the championship title, the fifth in his career for Jordan.

Jordan’s poor health ahead of his fifth game in Salt Lake City is unquestionable. There are doubts as to what was the root cause of this condition. There are different versions. Directly intestinal flu, deliberate food poisoning, lighting a cigar in a draft, or hangover after a stormy night. Jordan in the documentary series “The Last Dance” stated that he suffered from the effects of food poisoning. “Championship” told about all the details of the “influenza game” in a special article.

In short, Jordan and his reps claim that at 10:30 pm the day before the game, Michael was very hungry. All restaurants in the city were closed by that time. There was only the option with pizza delivery. Jordan’s manager made an order, which for some reason was delivered at once by 5 people. This did not cause suspicions among the legendary player. Michael ate pizza and then woke up at night.

“I was scared. I didn’t know what was happening to me. As if I was partially paralyzed. It seemed to me that I was going to die. The body was almost completely dehydrated. I couldn’t breathe. I felt incredible weakness. My mouth was completely dry. They started giving me Gatorade. And later I started thinking about intravenous therapy. I spent the whole day in bed. I couldn’t eat. I could not hold anything in my hands. This was not really a flu game. I had food poisoning, ”Jordan said.

Then there was a painful day, overcoming oneself and a heroic performance in a match with “Jazz”, Again, according to Jordan.

On May 19, 2020, after the release of The Last Dance, Salt Lake City resident Craig Fight wrote on his Facebook page that he was the pizza delivery man to the Chicago legend number. Veith denied everything Jordan’s camp said.

Fight is the only Chicago fan among the then employees of the pizzeria. Upon receipt of the order from the hotel, it was assumed that the delivery might be destined for one of the Bulls employees. However, there was absolutely no reason to believe that such an important person as Michael Jordan could do this.

“I remember saying that I’ll make this pizza myself because I don’t want any of the workers to do something with it. Then I told the driver to take me to the hotel. Michael’s order is a large pizza with pepperoni added. All ingredients were fresh. Nothing was added that could lead to Jordan being poisoned. The driver and I entered the hotel, checked in at the reception and went up to the Bulls floor. There were no five guys delivering pizza to the room. There weren’t that many people in the restaurant that night. The man who has been talking all this nonsense lately ( Tim Grover– Michael Jordan’s coach, who told the details of the “flu game”), opened the door and gave me $ 20 for a pizza plus a tip. I saw Jordan and asked to say hello to him. Grover opened the door wide enough for Michael to look up from the card game and say, “Thanks, dude.”

I don’t think Jordan ever had food poisoning. At least not from my pizza. There were no other reports of food poisoning from the pizza delivered by our establishment that night. Is Jordan officially diagnosed? Did he go to the doctor? All this is an understatement on his part. I want to remind everyone of one fact: Michael smoked a lot of cigars. The room had open windows. Jordan was shirtless. At this time, Salt Lake City is pretty cool. Perhaps Jordan caught a cold while sitting by the open window without a shirt while smoking a cigar, and therefore woke up in the middle of the night feeling unwell? Come on, confess. Or they could have brought him food from somewhere else, if it really was food poisoning. But my pizza was well done. I followed all the rules, ”Veit said.

Almost a year and a half has passed since Faith’s statement. A new theory has emerged. ESPN journalist Holly Rowe then worked in the NBA Finals. She believes that Jordan was poisoned due to the fact that he took someone else’s food from the table of the attendants.

“The creators of the show were trying to figure out why Michael Jordan got sick. Jordan grabbed food from the television workers’ table as he walked out of the building. I also took food from there. I watched The Last Dance. I know Michael Jordan has a theory about this mysterious pizza delivered. However, I’m pretty sure he got food poisoning after eating food from the Delta Center arena attendants’ table, Rowe said.

Deliberate poisoning with a delivered pizza, lighting a cigar in a draft, “stealing” incomprehensible food from service personnel, or a banal spree. These are possible versions (among the publicly named ones) that led to a deterioration in Jordan’s well-being and the famous “flu game”. Only one of them does not cast Jordan in a bad light, making him a victim and a definite hero. This is a mysterious poisoning with a pizza delivered at night.

Others portray Jordan as being completely irresponsible before the decisive game of the NBA Finals. Michael decided that the first version should be brought to the world. But some people refute his story. Has Jordan been fooling everyone for decades and creating a fake legend? Anything can be. One cannot but admire the main thing – the performance of the leader of “Chicago” in the “flu game”. Jordan and his representatives might not want something to overshadow the basketball player’s feat on the court. They had grounds for this. There are times when not all details of an incident should become public knowledge.


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