“Come on, Ireland!” Conor gave € 1 million to fight the pandemic and urged to shut down the country


The world of Boxing and mixed martial arts, like other sports, continues to remain on pause. Only Dana white making desperate efforts for the possibility of a UFC 249. And until someone from UFC fighters and boxers just resting in quarantine and spend more time with family, some try to contribute to the fight against the pandemic coronavirus. Some donate money, others entertain subscribers with the challenges and workouts online, and someone is struggling with a dangerous disease on the front lines.

Manny Pacquiao

Patriotism Manny Pacquiao and his love of country, perhaps, do not surprise anyone. Someone even stated that he continues his professional career just to earn the millions that will help him continue to fight poverty in the Philippines. The people of the country he meets the mutual love and a few years ago, has authorised Senator in the election.

So there is nothing strange in the fact that Parkman took the news about the pandemic coronavirus as another challenge and began to fight with him. So, Senator, Pacquiao in conjunction with the head of AliBaba Jack MA has purchased for the country of 50 million rapid tests for the determination of coronavirus. In addition, Manny has paid 600 thousand masks, which in many countries are almost at war. World champion hooked up to the pandemic coronavirus and uses all the resources of his charitable Foundation. On the page “Pacquiao Foundation” in Instagram is working to raise awareness about the prevention of infection with coronavirus.

Himself Manny is concerned about the possible social consequences of infection and is willing to fight the issue at the forefront.

“If we do not help the homeless, you can face the looting. Not afraid to die from infection by the coronavirus. If you’re a leader, you should be at the forefront. Needs to lead people and to let them know that live with them. I grew up in poverty and understand how others are feeling,” says Pacquiao.

The former champion of UFC in two weight categories, apparently, took close to heart the problem with the pandemic coronavirus. It actively monitors the statistics of morbidity in the country and analyzes its dynamics. Conor also has repeatedly issued appeals to the people of Ireland, and the last of them were extremely emotional, urging the government to close the country’s borders.

“Hello, Ireland! I would like to appeal to the nation. To the whole of Ireland. I want to appeal to the President, to the Minister of health, whom I respect very much.

While we are discussing the complete closure of the country, it must begin now. Procrastination is unacceptable. The people of Ireland, the great people of Ireland should unite now. We need to give a signal to ourselves and the world. Complete closure of the country should begin now, the closure of the country airport. The time has come full lockdown, and the country is ready for it. This is my proposal to the authorities, and I pray it was accepted. Ireland, we should do it. Come on Ireland, Come on the world. Stand together. Full closure. Bless us all Lord,” said McGregor.

Well, the last step Conor was a donation to fight the virus in the amount of € 1 million About this athlete said in his Twitter account.

The athlete has promised to provide money to hospitals. McGregor has published a screenshot of correspondence with the Irish Finance Minister Pascal Donohue.

“I buy personal protective equipment for € 1 million in order to place them in all hospitals of the province of Leinster. It’s most affected at the moment the region,” wrote McGregor in the correspondence, screens which he put in one of the last posts.

Amir Khan

The former world champion in the Welterweight Amir Khan is not too popular among fans, and some people have causes and antipathy. But his reaction to the challenge on a global scale worthy of respect. The British-Pakistani is ready to convert for his temporary hospital building 60 thousand square meters, whose cost is estimated at $ 8 million.

“I understand how difficult it is in such a tragic time to find a hospital bed. Ready to give the building 60 thousand square meters, designed for weddings, and for retail sales, for the conversion to help people infected with coronavirus. Please take care of yourself,” wrote Khan on his page in Instagram.

The ex-applicant for a title of the champion of UFC in heavy weight slightly fuzzy concept of assistance to the population during a pandemic coronavirus. The Frenchman of Cameroonian origin on his page in Instagram started advertising hand sanitizer.

Ngandu stated that involved in its production with its partners, was pleased with all the 20% discount. Well, the purchase of means of disinfection at a lower price might be nice, but from an elite UFC fighter, perhaps, it could be expected more.

Wladimir Klitschko

Former world champion heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko not only inspires people post on social networks, but decided to lean on his brother, Vitali Klitschko, who on a post of the mayor of Kiev leads a relentless battle with the coronavirus.

The Ukrainian authorities are very much restricted the use of public transport in the capital. This eventually provoked the collapse and created a huge problem for physicians, for whom the trip to work was a real challenge. In these circumstances, Wladimir Klitschko proposed to place medical staff in the city centre.

“Now we are not just a challenge, and the historic task that can only be overcome by joint efforts. Each of us, from our responsibility, indifference, sense of dignity depends on how fast we get call. I together with DEOL Partners contribute to our future and help place physicians in the city center. It is our duty and we must do everything possible to thank the medical staff, the real heroes. These people are fighting on the frontlines, risking their lives and health for us. We will never forget,” reads the statement of Vladimir Klitschko.

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Georges St-Pierre

The ex-champion of UFC in two weight categories Georges St-Pierre is frankly bored in the conditions of the quarantine. The canadian follows the who recommendations and is trying to distance himself from everyone. However, isolation has forced him to invent for itself new entertainment. St-Pierre began training in home mode and suggested using them as benefits to its subscribers.

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Our first exercise together! Notre premier exercice ensemble! Au son de la musique de @iam.officiel 👊🏻 pour plus de motivation! 5 series, 3 reps: Stay as tall as you can and try fixing a point to help you to stay balanced. You can also hold on to a wall if needed. Try to constantly keep your leg aligned with your waist without lowering your arms. Keep your foot and knee pointing upward for the first half of the movement. Then they’ll point downward and finally end up towards the back. The moving leg has to always stay rigid and toes should point towards the back. Film yourself doing it, tag me, and use the hashtag #TrainHomeWithGSP! I want to see how you guys are doing! 5 series, 3 reps: Reste le plus grand possible et essaie de fixer un point pour bien tenir ton équilibre. Tu peux aussi te tenir à un mur au besoin. Essaie toujours de garder ta jambe à la hauteur de ta taille sans la baisser durant tout l’exercice. Garde le pied et la rotule pointés vers le haut dans la première moitié du mouvement et après ils s’inclineront tous les deux vers le bas pour finir vers l’arrière. La jambe qui bouge reste toujours raide et les orteils pointés vers l’arrière. Filmez-vous pendant que vous le faites, taguez-moi et utilisez le hasthag #TrainHomeWithGSP! Je veux voir comment vous faites ça!

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If the quarantine drags on, the fans St-Pierre will enrich their knowledge in the field of physical culture and training. At the moment, Georges has posted two workouts and constantly stresses the importance of compliance with quarantine requirements.

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