Conor’s friend was tied up by the police. Once upon a time it was behind him that Khabib jumped through the cage


Conor’s friend was tied up by the police. Once upon a time it was behind him that Khabib jumped through the cage

It is rare that the arrest by the police of a professional fighter serving in one of the largest leagues causes, if not positive, then certainly not negative reaction from the community. Last night, a video of Dillon Denis got up in the sports media with a scuffle with police officers and security at a New Jersey nightclub.

The fact is that Dillon is a rare sarcastic troll who behaves on social networks as if he were the absolute world champion, having collected a collection of all possible belts. The reason for this cocky behavior is his environment. He is a sparring partner and close friend of Conor McGregor . So you don’t have to go far for negative examples. Everyone on whom the scandalous Irishman “jumps” is automatically subject to pressure from Denis.

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According to witnesses, Dillon was removed from the Beachcomber Grill and Bar, located at Seaside Heights (New Jersey, USA). The Bellator’s knee was held in bondage over the trousers. The video shows police picking up a handcuffed McGregor ally from the sidewalk. You can also see how he continues to offer violent resistance.

In total, two guards and a couple of police officers took part in his arrest. Filming was carried out by witnesses of the incident from the balcony of the second floor. Behind the scenes, mocking cries are perfectly audible: “Oh no, baby!” And laughter. The soldier was escorted to a police car.

The video was posted on his Instagram page by MMA fighter Tom Deblass, who plays in the ONE Championship promotion. Apparently, he also has something personal about Dillon.

“Do you recognize this guy? Hahaha, Dillon, next time you’re in our area, let me know. There are so many savages here to take care of you. Take your shit with you. And don’t say shit anymore, since you were 15 minutes away from me, and I didn’t hear anything, ”Deblass lamented in the comment under this video.

Neither McGregor nor Denis himself comment on the event. By the way, the last post of the brawler on Instagram was a photo with Notorius. As we can see, there was alcohol too.

The last time in the octagon, the Boss (as Dillon called himself) appeared in June 2019. Then at the Bellator 222 tournament, he defeated Max Mumfrey with a submission to the hand. In total, he has two victories in two battles. Since then, he has focused on helping McGregor prepare for battles. Specifically, he turned down Scott Cocker’s offer to perform at Bellator in January 2020.

Russian fans of MMA Dillon are familiar with the high-profile conflict with Khabib Nurmagomedov . Perhaps Orel would have been satisfied with a spectacular and memorable victory at UFC 229 when he strangled Magregor. And there would not have been this jump out of the octagon, had it not been for Dillon on the podium. Before the battle, Denis poured such insults at Khabib, his team, family and people of Dagestan that Oryol could not restrain himself.

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It was to punish this citizen that the undefeated Russian champion rushed. But that experience didn’t teach Denis anything. Rather, the opposite is true. He taught him that it is not even necessary to fight in a cage. It is enough just to gather dust on social networks, throwing insults and challenges to famous and well-known fighters. And when it comes to the need to be responsible for your words, merge and hide behind Conor’s back.

By the way, a few hours ago, Dillon tweeted a message: “You need people like me.” The comments under this post say a lot about Denis. It was not possible to find sympathetic and positive people, there is more and more banter and insults. The guy was reminded that without Conor he would be absolutely nothing and that he is just pretending to be a fighter.

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