Cristiano Ronaldo: “the locomotive” plays anti-football. Don’t like such teams


One of the best players in the world, Juventus striker and the Portuguese national team gave an interview with France Football.


– You recently crossed the bar at seven goals. As this is an important event for you?
It is important in terms of image. Because people judge me on goals and trophies. Seven goals is certainly an impressive figure, few people in the world have scored as many.

– Remember every goal?
– No, not all. Too much scored. But if the record will show some goals, I’m sure, can remember where and when.

And remember, for example, a goal to Fulham as a player, “Manchester United”?
– (Thinking) to Fulham … Yeah, I remember. It was there, scored the winning goal at the end of the match (February 2007, 2:1, scored on the 88th minute – approx. ed.).

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– Have some favorite goal?
– Hard to say. Always consider the favorite of the latter. Although probably the best – Juventus-scissors through itself (for real Madrid in the Champions League in April 2018). Because more than one year tried to score the way it is. And it happened in such an important match, at the crucial moment and such a great goalkeeper like Buffon. And how high he jumped! The ball hit at a height of almost two and a half meters. I am surprised myself. Think that is one of the most beautiful goals of scissors in history. I say this not because I’m a writer.

– From 701 th goal (at time of interview) 165 scored in the final 15 minutes of matches – almost a quarter. It speaks about your fighting qualities?
– Probably, Yes. It means always fighting to the last minute, always very collected. It speaks not only about what’s not in my nature, but also about the physical condition – it is one thing to score fresh early in the match, the other in the end. But, I admit, he now surprised the statistics, what you said, although I know that in the second half scored more than the first. Usually I’m in the early matches closely, not forcing the event, but in the second half, shoot. Although it depends on the particular match.

– After moving from “Manchester United” in the “real” you become a real “serial killer.” How did the transformation in the scoring of “maniac”?
– In 19-20 years come to understand that football is stats, winning tournaments, the records. It is important not just to contribute to the victory, to be able to trace, namely to score. Most importantly, of course, the winning team, but then then of importance is scored or not. One depends on the other. Not immediately, of course, I became what I became. Previously, drew was putting on a show, all these rabid perestupi. But at some point I realized: all this is not enough. It is necessary to score. I was lucky that Manchester United had great players that I talked about and helped to improve the technique.

– The rivalry with Messi has become an extra motivation in the “Real world”?
– There is an opinion that we would push each other, because of this continual rivalry in the Spanish League both held the bar. So. In the “Real world” I felt this rivalry sharper than when played in “Manchester”. So it went only benefit us and the clubs have become even such a symbolic meaning for “Barca” and “real”. It seems that Messi recently said that without me to him in the championship a little boring. And those no less I have no problems with motivation if there’s someone like the stimulus or not, always strive to be the best.

– In the “Manchester” you scored far less than in the “Real world”, played mostly on the right. What happened in Spain?
I just turned my brains. If not a fool, it is necessary to adopt the best of what I see partners and rivals. That’s what I did in Manchester, playing alongside such artists as Giggs, Scholes, van Nistelrooy, Rio Ferdinand… Just silly not to learn from these guys. We are not talking about blind copying, but that all the best to adopt to his personality. That’s what I did. I just watched them play. Sir Alex Ferguson also taught me a lot, I realized that I have a talent scorer and not just a dribbler and playmaker. Now, I believe, the perfect football player, with virtually no drawbacks. I can score with left, right, head… Powerful, fast. Plus a real professional, adhere to a particular regime – that’s the result, although already thirty-four and a half years.

– Yes now you are a perfect footballer, but it was probably some disadvantages over which we had to work? In the game plan, in terms of physics?
– Worked on all. And in terms of physics, and in terms of psychology. Of course, it is impossible to reach absolute perfection, but I want to be, or nearly so. It was always the driving idea. .

– You are talking about the psychological preparation. What exactly did this work?
She is very versatile. Let me give you an example. It was a tough game against Lokomotiv, who had played anti-football, just not go forward. With goals was a big problem. I never managed to do it, even anger took. But that’s okay. If you don’t, then you’re just not doing their job. Thank God we won – this is important. But when I came in the locker room, I just threw everything out of my head. And then went to a restaurant with someone (Laughs). Came home at four in the morning. Before sleep took an ice bath. Woke up at 10am, had Breakfast. Eleven were already in the gym. That is all done in your regular routine. Only by adhering to a clear mode, it is possible fifteen years to lead the ratings.

– Recently you told us about yoga and meditation…
– I achieved a lot because I live in a nice environment, among intelligent people who love me and motivate. Every day I have something to learn from them. Take the best from each, with whoever talked. Four years ago, after he became Pope, he suddenly realized that in his childhood horsing around: poorly studied, not taken from the school, that she could give. The children brought in me a thirst for knowledge. Now I want to learn, want to become an educated person, read a lot, especially medical books, books about yoga… I watch a lot of documentaries about those who owns the art, who teaches meditation. I sink into this state for 15-20 minutes, and helps. I swear! This must learn, because life is so stressful. We must learn to take it off.

– Meditation helps you in football?
– It relieves tension, soothes. I meditate almost every day, in particular working on the correct breathing. In these moments, I shrink into myself. There are many different ways of meditation…

In hockey, fans, judges, coaches are all sources of stress? The ability to score?
– I will tell you so. My will, would play only the most important matches. That is only for the national team and in the Champions League. These are the matches that go with a particular mindset – when the hype, what a complicated situation, a big responsibility. But a true professional should play as much as possible: for the sake of prestige, for the sake of the team, the club, which for you it pays. So you always have to be in shape. As for the reaction from the crowd – I particularly do not pay attention.

– Superior quality striker…
– First, you need talent. Without it anywhere. But only one talent will not go – have to work. Nothing falls from the sky. If not plowed, as the Pope Carlo, would have achieved nothing.

– The most unpleasant for you defender…
– I don’t like to play against a team who wall up their gates, like it was yesterday. This is not football. Why bother to go on the field, if you are so afraid of the opponent! Don’t want anyone to throw a stone this is a personal opinion. Clearly, everyone has their own methods. But to win, if not attack! The question can be put and, more generally, in relation not only to football but to life in General. Nothing from nothing does not happen.

– Is there any goal that I dream to score?
– No. Scored above the roof – more than seven hundred. Plus those recorded on other…

You will soon turn thirty – five, feel the age?
– Of course, how else! Everyone gets old. You can be healthy, not get sick, but the body wears out and there’s nothing you can do about it. But you can be old but feel young. You know what I mean? The average life expectancy of men today – 82.5 years. But with a 65 years old people start to lose memory, forget the name of their own son to swallow pills. Over the years, changing the quality of life. My goal is aging, staying young, that is competitive. Can you name a player of my age that plays as good and even in a team like Juventus? It’s very, very easy. Say I’m surprisingly physically developed, but it’s not just in training. A huge role is played by lifestyle, nutrition, sleep, special exercise. About 70% of my life dedicated to football. To play for a long time, you have brains. I call it the cultural level of the player.

– But in the season there are recessions, all matches to play in one breath…
– … (Interrupting) Look at young guys! Im twenty-five, twenty-six, twenty-seven, great players, but regularly get injured. I think this is an accident? They say, unlucky. But what is “no luck”? In life, you can follow the example of those who are lucky and those who are not lucky. I at some point decided to follow the example of the first. And to do only what brings success. God sees everything. I have made a career just because I have everything in order. One thing to be the best two, three years, another sixteen or seventeen years… And it’s not just talent. I’ll tell you one thing: many people judge football, not knowing all of the football, inside which there is legislation, what secrets, who is friends with whom, what someone ambitions, which the coaches… That is the thing that I cut fifteen years. This is called football, there are a lot of nuances, without which knowledge is impossible sixteen consecutive years to be nominated for the Golden ball.

– Yesterday we talked about Michael Jordan – how he managed to play to such an advanced age. Learned something from his experience?
– Like all other successful people. It’s not only about the athletes. I love to read about the Nobel laureates, that they have invented, made, created, developed. The Nobel prize for these people – it’s like the “Golden ball” for me. Want to know why and how they invented something. This is not just interesting, it’s enriching.

– Improvement process depends on the country of the club where you play from the coaches?
Football in England is not the same that in Spain or Italy. And what I played in three different Championships, it was very useful for me as a player. Never did never would have made if I was afraid of difficulties, risk, afraid to step out of their comfort zone. It is not so simple. I want to experience life in all its diversity, to live beyond one some forever-written script. Many were surprised that I decided at age 33 to go to Juventus. He crazy! But last year, I was recognized as the best in Serie A. I Have a great ability to adapt. Transitions from team to team, from one coach to another, from club to national team – all this does not affect the quality of my football. I don’t think there are many players who managed to become Champions of England, Spain and Italy. Yes, I have played in great clubs, but this does not detract from my achievements. Wherever played, all my teams always won Championships.

– Should the scorer have to be a Maverick?
All scorers in varying degrees, individualists. In any team there’s a guy. The main thing that everyone knew their role.

– Now you occupy sixth place in the list of the world’s top scorers in official matches behind Gerd Muller and hundreds of heads from No. 1 – Joseph Bicana. Your goal is to lead the ranking?
– In principle, why not – not much is left to score for this. The main thing that it did not become an obsession. All I have in life is got in a natural way. I mean, I just well do the trick without worrying about order. All these thoughts only hinder! Not worth the bother. You just have to enjoy the work – so do the great things. But, I repeat, if this will be able to beat this record…

– What do you think, what in the history of football you will remember what they say about you people?
– Always nice to hear compliments. Would like to speak about me as about the best player, fantastic player. But if now I’m interested in what people say about me when you’re done playing, everything will be on the drum…

– Come on!
– Not kidding. Fifteen years have sacrificed everything for the sake of football. But when you decide to finish, I will not think about what happened and about what will happen. Going to meet friends, to enjoy family life, to raise children, to monitor their learning. He will teach the mind to reason. But all the time. I still play…

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