CSKA is trying to change the rules of the League. The views of other clubs in the championship were divided


After the trauma of the American legionary of CSKA will Cliburn, the club is trying to make adjustments to the regulations of the United League.

The club intends to change the permitted number of foreign players in the squad for the season. Currently, the teams in the League you can say 8 foreign players without the right replacement.

The initiative of CSKA is to give teams the opportunity to replace one of the aliens on the other during the season. Thus, formally proposed to increase the allowed number of foreign players to nine.

Offer due to the fact that serious injury — a ruptured cruciate knee ligaments — most valuable player “Final four” of Euroleague, and I believe Cliburn, departures before the end of the season. CSKA wants to rule the striker out of the squad and allow him instead of Ron Baker, the declared just for the Euroleague.

Desire CSKA was supported by the leadership of the UNICS. The President of the Kazan club Evgeny Bogachev said that the changes will benefit all teams.

— We support CSKA in this matter. First, because of the tight calendar, no one is immune from injury leaders, and possible replacement of one Legionnaire to another — it is a normal process. Second, now on the market there is a strong Russian players can strengthen clubs, decisive high goals, — said Bogachev.

However, representatives of some of the teams opposed the changes to the regulations during the season. In particular, we are talking about “Lokomotiv-Kuban” and “Khimki”.

— You need to accept all changes in the rules of the League before the season starts so that all participants know the rules of the game. In the summer we all get together in Moscow to discuss the necessary amendments. And to change the rules then — not quite fair — the President of “Locomotive” Andrey Vedishchev.

— Last summer we discussed the regulations that introduced a number of significant changes. There was much debate and it was passed not without difficulty. It takes a month, and already requested another amendment. I believe that regulation is a document that we live by all season, and it can change only in a pinch. Now one or two clubs have problems, and we urgently start to search the document for loopholes. The more we are talking about very serious changes that can affect the balance of power. In fact, we legalize the ninth Legion, and if we knew about this summer, perhaps in another form the composition. Our club will vote against it. The rules must be respected, — said General Director of “Khimki” Pavel Astakhov.

Finally this issue will be resolved on 7 November by absentee ballot among the members of the Council of the League.

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