CSKA started the season badly. But don’t rush to bury this team


CSKA started the season badly. But don’t rush to bury this team

Even though you burst. CSKA after three rounds with three points (like “Spartak”) and the only winning goal from Zabolotny takes tenth place. True, behind two Moscow derbies (a difficult calendar) + unobvious for Alexey Berezutsky refereeing in the match with Dynamo (the end was put after watching the VAR, but the questions remained all the same) + the army team was crippled by the injury of the currently only central striker Zabolotny.

Yes, yes, just recently the news that CSKA’s attack is falling apart without Zabolotny would have seemed fantastic, but this is how the team looks like in the summer of 2021, and in the text you are reading now, we will try to find in it bright, promising and such that will not let the army men be buried ahead of time.

So, the arguments in favor of CSKA and the fact that a sad start to the season does not mean anything yet. With references to past matches and news from the team.

1. A relatively good signal – in all three rounds CSKA scored first, but lost two times. “Probably, we cannot score first,” Akinfeev said after the defeat to Dynamo . – Of course, all this is irony and jokes. But I don’t want to joke ”.

CSKA started the season badly.  But don't rush to bury this team

2. A relatively bad signal – in CSKA they talk about a lack of mood and a tense atmosphere within the team. It looks and sounds in contrast to the “market” that was felt in the army locker room a year ago (“market”, if anything, Dzagoev described the multinationality of the team).

Akinfeev says that he does not want to joke, “because CSKA has slipped to the bottom of the table,” which is why “the mood is not very good”: “If we had played 1: 1 in both matches, it would have been a little different. From this one could dance, and before the next match it would be positive. But there is still little positive, we will try to somehow get out of this situation. ”

Even Ejuke has no positive, who celebrated the goal against Dynamo with a long-awaited somersault, but did not want to discuss it: “I felt the strength and decided to do it, but now I have no desire to remember it, because we lost. The mood is not right. ”

Plus Zabolotny’s injury.

The mood is really not right.

3. Another reason for failure is mistakes. Including fatal ones, as in the case of Fomin’s goal, when Akinfeev unsuccessfully fought off Makarov’s shot in front of him. “Naturally, the goalkeeper should help out,” Igor analyzed the game. – In two games [with Lokomotiv and Dynamo] I didn’t help out. Therefore, I completely take the blame on myself.

The most important thing is to make fewer mistakes, and then everything will be fine. “

CSKA started the season badly.  But don't rush to bury this team

4. What’s going on? The position of CSKA was best described by Edzhuke.

“We always work to the limit, and then there is a penalty kick, the second goal, we let the game out of our hands. This is all strange, this is some kind of madness. ”

CSKA, whose crazy game someone may even like, does not look like a loser team, in places it plays and creates. Even in the comments at the Championship they write that the contour of Berezutsky’s game can be traced, but then, especially after a goal has been scored, madness sets in.

Akinfeev put his diagnosis differently: “We play the third match in a way that is unacceptable for CSKA. I would like to see more attacking play, I would like to see a slightly different CSKA ”.

CSKA started the season badly.  But don't rush to bury this team

5. CSKA weighs down Vlašić. Why is it better for the club and the Croat to disperse – we have already written. While his presence loads the team both on the field and simply. So the army team coach Grigory Babayan has to say that Vlašić had a desire in the game against Dynamo. Is it strange that the player’s desire is not automatically present, since such a question arises?

6. Gaich returns. This is where the surprise might be buried. Two goals in 15 games for Benevento is not the best indicator, but in Italy, as in the Olympic Games, Adolfo at least played. Six months of reboot could have formatted Gaich in such a way that he would replace the injured Zabolotny and become the most successful Argentinean in the Russian championship (especially no one succeeded).

7. Fuchs returns. Plus one (for now) healthy defender. Yes, Bruno won the Olympic Games with zero matches, but CSKA can show something new and be remembered not only by Brazilian posts on social networks.

CSKA started the season badly.  But don't rush to bury this team

8. And now about the hopes.

Former Dynamo sports director Roman Oreshchuk (in an interview with Match TV) supports Berezutsky’s appointment and believes in CSKA’s new path.

“When else to give a chance to a coach? CSKA has changed its roster a lot, you need to go through the formation of the team. We don’t know what the club thinks. Perhaps they are playing a team for the next seasons. As was the case under Gazzaev, when they assembled a strong line-up, but they did not become champions right away. ”

Former Krasnodar coach Murad Musaev agrees with Oreshuk.

“CSKA has a well-played roster, there are some point gains that still need to find a place in the scheme. But now only the beginning of the championship, it is too early to sum up any results. Alexey Berezutsky worked at the headquarters of Leonid Slutsky, has a wealth of experience as a footballer. We are now studying together, he is a very smart specialist. I am sure that Berezutsky will overcome difficulties, and further improvement of the result will go. Why? Because Alexey knows what he wants. ”


Do you agree with Oreshuk and Musaev? Or do you have a different view of what is happening at CSKA? Let us know in the comments.

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