Cup curse “Port”, the moment of truth for Benfica. “Spartak” — “Zenit” in Portuguese


To return to “Port” the Cup happiness?

Porto are historically the biggest loser of the Cup of Portugal. In the final he conceded 14 times — a record! All “dragons” have participated in thirty finals and won 16 of them. Almost half of the victories came in “Golden” the zero years. In the last decade, however, luck has left “Port”: after 2011 the team never managed to take the Cup.

For most of the failures of the “Port” on the outskirts of the pedestal corresponds precisely to Benfica. El Clasico in the final of the Portuguese Cup in the current format was played eight times, and only once, in 1958, Porto was able to beat the sporting! The total scores of all the matches of the two teams in the final of the tournament is impressive 22:6 in favor of Benfica. While in General the statistics of face-to-face meetings, “Port” significantly exceeds the capital of the opponent: account Benfica — 48 wins, Porto — 59.

Northerners, by the way, this season has already managed once to reach the final and lose. To win their first trophy of the season they could back in January, making his way to the last stage of the local League Cup, but with the minimum account lost to “Braga”, conceding the only goal in the last minute of added time. In this competition, by the way, Porto’s is even more depressing: the club three times reached the finals, but never it did not win.

You will save Benfica Nelson Verissimo?

In June, the post of chief coach of the capital club left Bruno Lager, who held it for the past year and a half. To resign specialist decided after another defeat of the team in the national championship. In the 29th round, “Benfica” lost “marítimo” (0:2), who was then the 13th place in the standings, and the gap from the Port has increased to six points. To catch up with competitors “the eagles” already failed.

In July to replace the Crap came his assistant Nelson Verissimo appointed “acting” until the end of the season. With their task 43-year-old Portuguese still did great: in five final rounds Primary Benfica took 13 points from a possible 15, not losing even once. To gain a foothold in the office, showing himself and defeating Porto in the Cup final, Verissimo, however, would not be possible — Lisbon bosses have agreed to return to the club Jorge Jesus, coached eagles from 2009 to 2015. Verissimo, however, will likely remain in the coaching staff of Benfica, so will hardly miss the chance to showcase their professionalism before the coming of Jesus. In the end, win the Lisbon Derby in the championship he has managed — why not have a stab at the “Classico”?

Will Benfica long-awaited revenge?

The outcome of the game, Benfica and Porto in the Portuguese League decided, by and large, just as face-to-face meetings of the two teams. They managed to lose principal rival in both games: the house — 0:2, away 2:3. The weakest in the “Benfica” in both cases was the 23-year-old Central defender ferro: in each of the matches, the Portuguese gave the opposing team by one goal. Prone to mistakes of the player, however, immediately ruled out of the starting lineup Verissimo, so that in the last five games of the championship on the field, the hapless defender did not. Will not play it, apparently, and in the final — but he should be paired with Ruben Dias has firmly taken a trustworthy Brazilian Jardel. The most productive player in the current struggles against Porto was Carlos Vinicius Brazilian striker scored a brace in the last Clasico.

What is more important: stars or class?

For the title of top scorer of the Portuguese Cup in the final match will compete two players — though from the same team. Five goals on his account in this tournament, recorded a midfielder Benfica’s Pizzi who has already received a season-2019/20 Golden boot of the championship of Portugal. In Primaire the Portuguese scored 18 goals, equaling the forward of “Rio AVI” Mehdi Taremi and his teammate Carlos Vinicius. Latest and here was the main competitor Pizzi: the Brazilian four goals. In terms of the frequency of heads bypasses the Brazilian Portuguese counterpart: in the championship Vinicius had scoring times in 99 minutes and was the best on this indicator, while Pizzi spent on one goal 157 minutes.

If Benfica clearly distinguished by the two leaders of the attack, FC Porto scored goals distributed more evenly. The club from Porto in the whole season was different from the Lisbon of competitors more coordinated play and teamwork, while the “eagles” were often saved by this bright individual performances by individual performers. It is not surprising that on the course of success is achieved a stable and balanced Porto, while Benfica is clearly “blown away” at the end of the season and frankly ruined the final segment of the championship after returning from quarantine. In the Cup, however, the key can be just a single insight, motivation and inspiration, so hurry with the definition of favorite in the final match still not worth it.

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