Cyril Whims: “Znarok said that I should get off? Thanks to him”


CSKA striker Kirill Whims talked about how when I go to Minnesota.

— Oleg Znarok after the match with CSKA said: “I think kaprizova will have to leave.”

Said so?


— Thanks to him. Haha.

I think he kindly said.

— Yes, I do not argue. I’m with him in a very good relationship. When I do, he always says something.

— You promised to start learning English.

— Not yet started, everyone is going. Just so hard to learn with a tutor. Even the guys say that it is easier to communicate to teach.

— The new General Manager of the Minnesota bill Guerin you had contact?

— Yet not personally.

— I heard that he is going in November–December to come to Russia?

Yeah, I know.

— From the time you drafted “wild”, it was replaced by three General Manager. And Fletcher, Fenton came to visit you, and then they were fired. I do not see this pattern?

— No, I do not see. I think that everything will be okay. Haha.

— You will go to NHL after a year?

— I think everything is all clear.

Recall that in 2015 the striker was drafted by Minnesota. CSKA 22-year-old Whims became the owner of the Cup Gagarin, and the Russian team won gold at the Olympic games 2018 and world Cup bronze-2019.

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