Dagestanis’ dominance in the UFC has come to an end? Georgians show crazy win percentage


Dagestanis’ dominance in the UFC has come to an end? Georgians show crazy win percentage

The past weekend in the UFC did not go without fights with big names, but there was something to see at the next show. The main battle of the tournament was the fight between featherweight fighters Gigi Chikadze and Edson Barbosa . The first went on a series of six victories and still did not know the bitterness of defeat in the promotion. As for Barbosa, even if the Brazilian had only a mini-series of two victories, his experience of big fights spoke for itself. Therefore, the fight promised to be competitive.

But Chikadze was very good. In the first round, he tortured the Brazilian with combination work. In the second, Giga took a break, and in the third segment he increased the pace and knocked out the opponent. Another victory of the Tbilisi resident allowed him to reach several important marks. In terms of the number of victories in a row in the division, he caught up with the champion of the organization in his weight category, Alex Volkanovski , in addition, in terms of the same indicator, he surpassed Zabit Magomedsharipov, who so far stopped at a series of six victories. It should also be noted that Conor McGregor ended his featherweight career on a series of seven wins. That is, according to the statistical analysis, everything turns out very well.

All these figures from Chikadze made to pay attention to the successes of the Georgian fighters in general. If earlier it was believed that the top fighters of the UFC from the peoples of the former USSR are Dagestanis, now the Georgians can intercept such an unspoken title.

Yes, there are a lot of people from Dagestan in the UFC. For example, if we take December 2017 as the mark (the moment the first Georgian fighter from the current galaxy appeared in the league, Merab Dvalishvili ), then we can count that since then 22 Dagestanis have gone through the UFC. Some of them ended their careers, some were expelled, and some continue to fight. All these 22 fighters had a total of 77 fights. In 54 they managed to get victories, 21 more fights were lost, and in two fights a draw was recorded. Thus, it can be calculated that the percentage of victories of fighters from Dagestan during this time was 70.12. An impressive figure, and the number of victories also speaks volumes. In addition, we must not forget that it was the Dagestan fighter who brought Russia the first UFC title in the new era of the league.

Nevertheless, if we compare the performance of the fighters from Dagestan with their colleagues from Georgia, then the Russians will be inferior in percentage terms. Since 2017, the number of athletes of Georgian origin in the UFC has grown. As mentioned above, we take Merab Dvalishvili’s league debut as a starting point. In December 2017, he lost to Frankie Saenz in close combat . After that, there was another defeat, but then Dvalishvili only won. Now his successful streak consists of six fights.

In addition to Merab, Ilia Topuria , Roman Dolidze, Guram Kutateladze and, in fact, Chikadze himself, who pushed us to write this material, also appear in the men’s roster of the league . All these guys had 14 fights for four, winning 13 of them. Thus, taking into account Dvalishvili’s statistics, it is easy to calculate that these five have spent a total of 22 battles in the league, having won 19 victories in them. That is, the percentage of victories reaches 86.3. And if we put aside the long-standing defeats of Dvalishvili, then since 2018 the Georgians have lost one battle out of twenty in the league. Who else can do that? The question is rhetorical, because it is very difficult to remember such indicators.

Of course, one can argue a lot that 22 fights are not yet an indicator, and many of the Georgian fighters have not been tested in fights with top fighters, but natives of Dagestan do not fight conditional Gatji, Poirier, McGregor or Kattar at every tournament. So the performance of the fighters from Georgia deserves attention and respect.
Is it possible that fighters from Dagestan will soon lose their dominant status in the UFC among immigrants from the peoples of the former USSR? In terms of quantity, it is unlikely. But in terms of quality – very much even possible. If the Georgians continue to show such a crazy percentage of victories, they will be talked about more and more.

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