Daniil Medvedev recognized as “the Best tennis player of the year”


On the 26th the ceremony of “Russian Cup” Daniil Medvedev recognized as “the Best tennis player of the year”, and Alexander Metreveli – the “legends of tennis”. Даниил Медведев признан "Лучшим теннисистом года"

Photo: Michael Sinitsyn/ RG

Medvedev himself has appealed from a distance to crowded hall with the video, and the prize for the fifth racket of the world got parents. Mom and dad looked pathetic. The stage revealed: the son of dreaming about the Davis Cup. Add: though not played for the team, losing the best shape.

Exactly the same is said about the aspirations of their sons mom Karen Hechanova and Andrei Rublev. This classy Duo proclaimed “Home team”.

But the thing that honestly believe it is the captain of our national team Shamil Tarpischev and Alexander Metreveli. And when the captain was awarded the prize “Legend of tennis,” both are reminiscing. It could take the Davis Cup back in the 1970s. But then prevented and the “black colonels” who seized power in Chile and the apartheid regime that reigned in South Africa. As recalled Metreveli, with teams from these countries by the Soviet leaders to play tennis banned.

Now the opposite: play – do not want. But if we gather the team of mighty forces will come to all three of them shared a desire to resist against the Trinity will be difficult.

– Rarely in a self-centered tennis, going just three of these guys. They train together since childhood. They are friends. They want to win – said – or promised – Shamil Tarpischev.

Strange, but our tennis lives by its mysterious laws. Until recently there was no equal to our beautiful ladies, it is relatively easy taking the Cup of Federation. But suddenly receded, turned into an avid middle. And the guys climbed up and higher and higher. So hold on, Mr. Davis!

I was pleased to award the prize of “Photo eye” Alexander Bondarev. This Moscow correspondent one of the few who takes only tennis. Does it gracefully, with knowledge of the matter. Proud that Alexander has for many years been a member of the Executive Committee of the Federation of sports journalists of Russia.

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