David Nemirovsky: “”physics” of the “torpedo” all right, over the “psychology” going to work”

Head coach of “torpedo” David Nemirovsky after winning in overtime over the “Sochi” (2:1) lamented the fact that in recent matches his team lacks confidence.

— Well, in such a tense and close game we managed to score two points, — quotes the words Nemirovsky correspondent matchtv.ru Alexey Hitruk. Given the tournament situation, every point for us is very important, especially in a fight with a neighbor on the table. I’m not very happy with the content of the game, but of course happy with the result.

— In the last match the team plays is not too effective. What, in your opinion, why?

— Lately the guys are not too confident in the attack, as if afraid to take risks. Instead of shots often give extra transmission. This is especially noticeable in the drawing of the majority.

— How would you rate the functional condition of the team?

— I’m more worried about the psychological state. In each game we show good movement, so the main problem you might say, “hidden” in the minds of players. Again, I hope that the guys can find their game and act more confident.

— How serious the injury Anton Volchenkov?

— He got a bruise. How serious — I don’t know.

The next match of the residents of Nizhny Novgorod will hold with the Moscow “Dynamo” and “Sochi” will go to CSKA.

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