Defender SKA Anton Belov, Bryzgalov – cool guy. Just says what he thinks


Before the start of the playoffs 33-year-old defender SKA told about his sporting principles, thanks to Vyacheslav Bykov and Raimo Summanen, two disqualifications and family projects.

Anton and Elena clean now – the most recognizable pair in the NHL. But we started a conversation with the film about Ivan Tkachenko, who was killed with Yaroslavl “Lokomotiva” eight and a half years ago.

– Like the picture?
– Of course. If you start from an emotional point of view. In the last frame, there were moments related to the performance of children who were assisted by the van. It was difficult for me to speak, tears were welling up. The film is very important for young hockey players. They need to understand that no matter what you’re doing on the ice. About you will be judged by what you people. Well, the van left a very good memory!

– It is believed that good deeds must be done in silence. Or did they have to promote?
– Two sides of the coin. On the one hand, my wife Lena – not supporters, to about it on every corner screaming. On the other hand, if it is not to tell how we will be able to find like-minded people? So good deeds become the norm, we are looking for people with similar attitudes and unite.

– To you personally is frequently requested financial assistance?
– Yes, sometimes several times a week. Me with no confusion, but Lena has its own page. She wrote or personally contacted for help. She is already exploring, looking what direction, how they can help. But most work through verified charities. And urge you to be careful of many scams, speculating on the feelings of good people.

Is it true that you didn’t know that your spouse is involved in martial arts? And it was hardly a shock?
– Well, not so shocking. When we met her in Omsk, I knew that her father was a philanthropist, helped the Omsk boxer. Took the kids for their money to the competition, etc. and Lena since childhood, in all this spinning. She liked martial arts, but his father forbade. And she did not go to Boxing, and Thai Boxing – just another school to be with my father not to interfere. In St. Pete I started wrestling, a blue belt in Brazilian JIU-jitsu.

– Normally such passions treat?
– Yes, it’s an opportunity to throw the energy, to charge for other things and just for health, sports, is useful. In life, Lena is a very feminine exquisite girl. House of martial arts we have (laughs).

– You said that you always reluctant to change jobs. And much experience.
– Fortunately, all the transitions took place according to my will. And I hope it will be the same. I will play where I want, not where it ends. And this is my side of loyalty to specific clubs. I am grateful to all teams where he played: CSKA, and “Avant-garde”, and, especially, SKA. Running from place to place, and my approach. Now I’m SKA, loyal to the club. And honestly do their job.

– Moscow why, the more you like it. Early career, first friends?
– I still Moscow very much, what with Lena, we are not the same. Maybe because of the size of the city, the eternal traffic jams. When I come to the capital, I always have nostalgia for the days of CSKA. Just the buzz. Watch as the city changes. Not compared to the time when I came to the army club in 16 years.

– Viktor Tikhonov, who was then in charge of CSKA, man-hlabisa?
– In the first year the whole “pre-season” has passed in CSKA, and then briefly was sent to the big leagues in “Mechel” from his native Chelyabinsk. Remember what the requirements were in the army club to the young! It is now a personal approach, look at opportunities. And then you weights 150 pounds hung and go! No difference how old you are – 30, 40 or 16. Went to run, to squat. Who survived – he survived. Who broke down and was broken, was written off.

–So you survived?
– I in the first year “hard” suffered “pre-season”, was physically polomalsya. And I was sent to Mechel, then returned. The next season came for Vyacheslav Bykov, and with Tikhonov we have more overlap.

– CSKA for you was a springboard, and maturing already passed in the “Avant-garde”. So?
Yes. The transition also was not easy. You remember that the tragedy happened with Cherepanov in October 2008. Two weeks later my dad dies. At the end of the year he died, the maternal grandmother. The coaches have changed, one after another, I didn’t understand what was happening. All in a haze as I remember, full sur. And head, when that personal life happens was not in hockey.

– Yes, very. Then, I began to trust, became progress – with the coming of Summanen. It was replaced by Matikainen. As practice shows, with the Finnish experts, I have a good relationship, I grew up in and the team started again to call.

– Given the brutality, Summanen was hard not to grow up.
– I have still very good relationships. Sometimes, talk on the phone. Recently, he came to Peter, at the martial arts tournament M-1 is to cheer for my Finnish friend. Together we looked and talked.

– With great hockey Summanen done?
– Apparently, Yes. People are so worried about their job, I’ve never met. It is clear that correctly perceived, somewhere Raimo was too far. But this is only due to the fact that we really wanted to win and to make people better. Consider it a great specialist, and he has never had claims to the people who did her best.

Is more made in the West – with the coach to talk to.
– I have old-school. As the horse said to run – run, said plow – plow. Do not put, it means that something is not satisfied. And undercover games do not want to participate.

– If there is bias, the hockey player with only one option – to ask for exchange?
I must admit, there were some difficult moments in my career. In the same “Avant-garde” – in the first difficult season requested exchange. Thank God, this time outlasted processed. Next year’s career went uphill, and his wife met. If you are going – life will reward you. Not the case, what do do – and nobody gets kicked in the head! It means that something is wrong! Sit down and think!

– Season 2013/14 – departure to Edmonton. There was more positive or negative?
– I have no regrets. Grateful system, “Edmonton”, and the General Manager who gave me the opportunity. It was my dream, I went on a bilateral contract – although every day could send in the second team in the AHL. It turned out not so bright. Delayed adaptation.

– Clear, new country, new environment…
– Yes, very homesick. But I think that did the right thing. And the fact that I came home, my decision. Trust me. Yes, I coach a little differently saw the situation. But I was not in that situation, when you can dictate or advise.

– The main claim to you, in your person wanted to see the new Emelina, and you were Anton Belov.
– I don’t know which I wanted to see… And it is unlikely that this is true. In the first part of the season trust me, I most played “5 3”, “5 to 4” – in the second spetsbrigada. What I did not score a dozen goals, only my fault. And yet, the club was dealing with the restructuring. Yes, and still going through. Came a new coach – Dallas Eakins – no experience in the NHL. The leaders were “settimeline” – Eberle, Hall, Nugent-Hopkins. The team was led by players, not the coach.

– Original.
In my opinion, it’s not quite right. The coach’s decision is not discussed and must be implemented accurately. And so it turns out that the command comes and the coach runs to the players: “you guys tired? Then today on the ice does not come on. Let us in the lounge. The bike will roll. That’s all.”

But somehow Eakins fell, he heard the news. Says: “I, you, after the games did not even collect at 9 am, at 11:30. Give the opportunity to sleep, relax. And it dawned on me info that you nights fun time. So, apparently, are recovering well.” And started!

– What?
– That week will never forget. At 6 am we are already at the stadium, warm-up, 7 – out on the ice. 9 back home, and my family was still asleep. We just had a pause in the championship in 5-6 days, and the coach decided the team to bring to life.

Sobered you up.
A good right decision. But overall, I think the coach failed in terms of whip. Gingerbread was permanent. And as shown by the final result, apparently, something we did not – “Edmonton” even close to that season to the playoffs came.

– If you received an offer during the season from another NHL club, would not go back to Russia?
– After the New year I have started to ripen this decision. Understood that I can not mentally adapt to that life, she is not close to me. And when, after the Olympics in Sochi got on the plane, talking to Lena: “Look, I don’t want to go back to NHL”! She said: “Wait, dougray championship, and there sit down, look”.

– It is impossible to break the contract.
– And only ended the season for the “oilers”, called Vyacheslav Bykov. Said he returns to coaching, goes to SKA and would like to see me there. And this man is a big role in my career played in CSKA trusted me, and I owe a lot to him.

– A lover of philosophy and astronomy Ilya Bryzgalov did in “Edmonton”. It is the most fun player faced in career?
– Still sometimes, with the holidays congratulate each other, family came to our wedding. And I am very grateful to Ilya. Him and Yakupov we had our own “posse” in the “oilers”. I was very upset when Briza exchanged.

– Fondly remember the time when were together. Cool man! Many it the wrong way. Briz–the person is Mature and has the right to say what he thinks even if his thoughts are not pleasant to someone. Most importantly, everything he says, for me personally, is a positive emotions.

– Bryzgalov plays more to the audience in his statements?
– He is a good actor, but it’s not done to deserve any applause or praise, he’s so real. It’s a lifestyle and behavior. It just kicks out of life.

For the season 2013/14 and still have the Olympics in Sochi. What’s more memorable: positive or negative?
– And those and those moments can be found. I’m in the NHL went, keeping in mind the idea that the Olympics will trust more players from overseas leagues… in the transition to Edmonton many on the map stood. Non-guaranteed, two-way contract.

– Yes, there was a risk. If you are “stuck” in the AHL, the Olympics was not a dream.
– On the financial side of the contract in the “oilers” it was not. Something in Omsk has earned. Gathered with Lena things and go – and realized that if not now, then when?! 27th year went! Understood that the Olympics on the nose.

– Back to the Olympics.
Is the dream of any athlete, especially when you are at home. But not our slogan: the main thing – participation. Moreover, if Pro hockey talk. It was a lot of pressure on the team, saying that the Champions, the Olympic gold should be… Made, of course, unsatisfactory, and to blame everything and the coaches and the players. For many, the 2014 Olympics will still be hanging on my mind – the beautiful.

Someone and a team-the dream team of Russia was called.
– It’s hard to remember… But it’s a game where you can be better physically, tactically, “on paper”, but decide for instant action on the ice. Error one another – and all! The match ended! Busted! Remember Summanen, when we came to someone in the Gagarin Cup, and lost the first or second meeting, said, “Guys, I know that we can stumble once or twice, but in a series to four victories, they just beat”. The Olympic tournament is a different structure.

– How did you react in 2018, the year information that the IOC did not allow you to Games in Pyeongchang?
– When the locker room SKA announced that Sergei Plotnikov did not allow, it was painful! Thanks guys for all the support. And Znarok, Roman Rotenberg. Lena helped me a lot…

– Heavy moment.
– Somehow survived, processed. His head slightly turned off – went to rest. And after a couple of months after the Olympics, the wife told me the wonderful news that we will have a second child. Something we waited a very long time. We took it philosophically: “That’s our Olympic medal”.

– Have the strength to watch the Olympics?
I have to admit, it was difficult to force myself to follow the tournament. From the first to the last minute only watched the final. A very sick and worried! Remember, woke up, went to lunch, the game was already in progress. Went to the gym – listening to the radio. And the end of the third period, along with the coaches and players SKA was seen. On pins and needles sat! When the meeting ended, immediately wrote to the guys in chat, congratulated!

– How would react to this decision of the IOC. To swallow and keep going?
– What can you do? I realized that I can and will for a long time to play well – all is not lost. Life will put everything in its place. Will be following the Olympics! It’s a shame, of course, you don’t understand why double punishment. It is clear that there was a story in the “Avant-garde” in 2012…

– It was also proven that it’s not your fault.
– Yeah, my agent was doing. All sports nutrition sent to check for your account, checked it, found nothing. But still given a three month suspension, which ended by the start of the next world Cup. This rule vada – okay. We as athletes, accept it. And are responsible for what gets into our body. Whether intentionally or not. Since then I am much more serious about what we eat and drink in restaurants. Sports nutrition is checked thoroughly. But still do not understand what this principle of double punishment.

– It is difficult to understand.
– I already once punished in 2012, we were in the final series with Dynamo Moscow 3:1 and could win the Gagarin Cup. Removed from the series, we are left without a Cup. I wanted that year to cause the national team to the world championship where the Russian team became the champion. Again the flight. It takes six years, and it turns out that this is not enough. Take it back to a normal life. A person punished: he has served his sentence, and six years later he said: “you’re a little sat, come again”. What is this all? Where are the officials that we were supposed to protect?

source: “Soviet sport”

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