Denis Matsuev: “Now everyone needs to help Vitoria to abstract from the husk that happens behind the football field”


People’s Artist of the Russian Federation and pianist Denis Matsuev commented on the performance of “Spartak” in the new season and said he would like to perform at the 100th anniversary of the club.

– This is not what we were waiting for the start. Rui Vitoria is probably now experiencing strange sensations when you need to sight-play both the Champions League and the championship. I do not want to go into the details that everyone is talking about now, what is happening around and inside Spartak, which does not concern the game itself. I like to comment on the game itself. But apparently , what is happening inside Spartak affects the players .

– Are you talking about wars on Telegram?

– I will never comment on this. This is not related to the game, and the players should not pay attention to these things, they should mind their own business – go out on the field and beat the opponent. In terms of quantity and quality, it seemed that we had a very long bench, and there was no guarantee for any football player that he would be in the squad. But let’s see. We have a very strong line-up . It just needs everything to settle down, all this hysteria. Get away from the channels, the Internet. Play football, football players have to play football. If I were reading Telegram channels that write about musicians, I would have long forgotten what note the Tchaikovsky concert begins with .

– Was it interesting for you to play on the 100th anniversary of Spartak?

– Why not? I think no one has forgotten that at the closing of the Sochi Olympics, I played the second concert of Rachmaninov at the Fisht stadium. There was an impromptu parade of 64 pianos, and my piano was in the center. It turned out that they stood in a kind of diamond – a real Spartak. The next day Leonid Fedun called me and said: “Well, I knew that you loved Spartak, but not that much.” I’m ready, naturally. For the sake of “Spartak” I am ready to play even at the North Pole… This is my favorite home club, practically a relative. We are ready to fight for our club. But I always say that a real fan is not checked during the years of the team’s triumph, but when it is not easy for it. Now everyone needs to help Spartak find their game and help the coach to abstract from all the husk that happens behind the football field, and finally get down to business, – said Matsuev on the air of the program “After football with Georgy Cherdantsev.”

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After 3 starting rounds, Spartak is in 10th place in the Tinkoff Russian Premier League with 3 points. The team also lost in the 1st match of the 3rd qualifying round of the Champions League to Benfica (0: 2). 

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