Denisenko: Askarov can grow into a real star


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Semyon Galkevich. Goalkeeper of the youth national team of Russia Yaroslav Askarov can grow into a real star, believes the striker of the national team and Lokomotiv Yaroslavl Grigory Denisenko.

The four Nations Cup takes place in Helsinki from 8 to 10 November. The Russians on Friday in the first match with the score 2:1 defeated the team of Finland. 17-year-old Askarov had their debut match for the juniors. Denisenko became the best scorer of the youth world Cup in 2019.

“To switch from adult to youth hockey is not so difficult, after all, on the level of national rates are not so much different from the KHL. If only in terms of the power struggle serious differences. The experience of the last world youth championship greatly helps me. At the tournament this year want to raise the Cup over his head. Let the better team wins than personal prizes I will win”, – said Denisenko told reporters.

“It is evident that Askarov is a good goalkeeper, even in training as he pulls quite a view. He had a lot on themselves and grow into a very good goalkeeper, in a real star,” said hockey player.

Denisenko takes the role of captain of the youth team Russia at the four Nations Tournament in Helsinki. “Of course, it’s a big responsibility. It is necessary not only on the ice but in the locker room to cheer the team. When the game is not, should be supporting. Basically, for me it is not so difficult,” he added.

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