“Despite all the battles, we love Maria!” The Williams sisters have already missed Sharapova


“Despite all the battles, we love Maria!” The Williams sisters have already missed Sharapova

Maria Sharapova retired in early 2020, while her older rivals, Serena and Venus Williams , are still on the tour. It turns out that despite all the desperate battles in the past, the American sisters have already missed Mary.

Immediately after the US Open – 2021, the famous Met Gala fashion ball was held in New York with the participation of the stars of the first magnitude. This time there were many tennis representatives among the guests. The event was attended by the finalists of the last US Open draw Emma Radukanu and Leila Fernandez, as well as Matteo Berrettini, Isla Tomljanovic, Felix Auger-Aliasim, Sloane Stevens. But most of all, the multiple champions of the Grand Slam tournaments, sisters Williams and Maria Sharapova, who, forgetting past grievances, talked warmly at the meeting and even posed for joint photos, attracted attention to themselves.

After this event, Sharapova, unexpectedly for many, posted a photo on her Instagram Stories, where she was having fun surrounded by the Williams sisters. Venus also made a similar shot and signed it “Reunion!” A little later, the American commented on this unexpected meeting: “First, Serena and I talked about Maria the day before. We both said: “I wish Maria were still playing!” And the next day we saw her and both, separately, said to her: “God, we just talked about you yesterday. We would like to see you on tour again. ” We were so glad to meet you. They hugged, laughed, told stories, and then took a photo. Despite all the battles, we love Maria! And we respect her very much. “

"Despite all the battles, we love Maria!"  The Williams sisters have already missed Sharapova

It was not in vain that Venus made a reservation that they respect and love Maria, despite all the battles they had in the past. And not only on the court, but also outside it. In her autobiography “The Unstoppable. My life ”Sharapova devoted many pages to the Williams sisters.

As a teenager, she began to think about how to defeat them, while studying at the Bollettieri Academy: “As I grew older, and as I approached those games that were really important, I heard the same names around me. Among the new generation, only two names sounded: Serena and Venus, the Williams sisters. Even teenagers – one year apart – were already the best in the world. They won tournaments and were crowned all over the world. The sisters were big girls and had incredible punch strength. So they told me. They have dominated this game for many years. And the more I heard about them, the more adamant I became in my desire not to let them take over me, not to submit to them. It was then that I experienced what is called a sense of competition. And not on the tennis court or at a banquet, but in my own head, even before I saw the Williams sisters live. ”

Sharapova recalls how that year, when she performed in the junior Wimbledon final, she had a desire to “get” Serena. In 2002, the youngest of the Williams sisters won the title at the most famous tournament on the grass for the first time, beating Venus in the final. This is how Maria described the appearance of the “queen” at the traditional Wimbledon winners and finalists ball: “She entered, smiling broadly, with her head held high and her shoulders squared, making full use of the triumph that this grand appearance gave her. The shouts of approval did not subside. People began to rise to their feet. They gave a standing ovation. The girl sitting next to me – I can’t remember her name – hit me on the shoulder. – Get up! Get up! This is Serena Williams! She shouted. I wanted to get up, but my body did not obey me. It seemed that I was stuck to a chair and now I am looking at Serena through the crowd with the only thought in my head: “I will get to you.”

And Maria “got” to Serena two years later, already in the final of the adult tournament. In two sets, the 17-year-old Russian woman defeated the formidable American and won her first trophy in Helmets. And leaving the court, Sharapova witnessed the tragedy of Serena Williams: “Alone I went to the locker room. Serena left the court as soon as it became possible without it being perceived as a scandal. Having a personal locker room means that even without seeing your opponent, you can hear him. And I heard, when I returned to the dressing room and began to change, Serena’s sobs. Throat sobbing, which means the crying person is out of breath and which scares you. They did not stop for a minute. I left the locker room as soon as possible, but Serena knew I heard her. ” Maria believes the answer to the question of why Serena has a crushing 19-2 score against her is hidden in that dressing room scene. Who knows, maybe Williams really didn’t forgive Sharapova for witnessing her weakness.

Throughout their career, the American women fought desperately with Maria Sharapova on the court and often “hooked” her in the press. Shortly before Wimbledon 2013, in Rolling Stone magazine, Serena opened up about various things and spoke out, including about some of her tennis colleagues from the top 5. The American said that this tennis player had boring interviews, she would never be invited to cool parties, and she was dating a “guy with a black heart.” Many immediately thought that we were talking about Maria Sharapova and her then boyfriend Grigor Dimitrov. It is curious that a couple of years before that there were rumors that Serena had an affair with a young Bulgarian. Sharapova, after reading Serena’s interview, also concluded that it was about her and Dimitrov, so at a press conference before Wimbledon 2013 she launched a counterattack: “Of course, I have infinite respect for Serena and everything that she has achieved in tennis. But if she wants to talk about some personal things, then why not talk about her relationship with her boyfriend, who was married, who has children and who divorced because of her. ” Here Sharapova’s words clearly hinted at the American coach Patrick Muratoglu, who had recently divorced his wife.

And now, when Maria has already left the tour, the Williams sisters met with the Russian tennis player at the Met Gala – 2021 and had a nice chat. Are all the grievances and mutual injections of these tennis stars forgotten? Or is it not?

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