Di Biagio: the paradox that Carrera is not in demand in Russia and Italy


© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Trefilov / switch to BankN/a former head coach of FC “Spartak” M. CarreraДи Бьяджо: парадокс, что Каррера не востребован в России и Италии

Sergey Astakhov. The former acting head coach of Italy Luigi Di Biagio has stated that the lack of job offers, the former head coach of the Moscow “Spartak” Massimo Carrera he was surprised.

Carrera worked in “Spartacus” in 2016-2018. Under his leadership, the “red-white” became the Champions and won the super Cup of Russia.

“Only now talking about it with Massimo because Carrera won the big championship. The question is not why he is not popular in Italy, but why in Russia there is no proposal. It’s a paradox. All surprised by the lack of work, because it was a good result,” said Di Biagio told reporters.

At different times in Russia, besides Carrera, were the work of Italian coaches Nevio Scala, Luciano Spalletti, Fabio Capello and Roberto Mancini. “They have all contributed to the history of Russian football. It’s a decent trainers, and they have a lot to learn,” said Di Biagio.

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