“Don’t Cry for Me Argentina”. Serbia unexpectedly leaving the world Cup


Drama called “the quarterfinals of the Serbia — Argentina” was written by a balkanian in collaboration with destiny, and for the soundtrack and its sound, replied doom. If it hadn’t stupidly lost the match against the Spaniards, the Serbs could easily poperinghe from Cathedral of Poland and, in fact, to meet a strong opponent only in the semi-finals.

But first, neglect of the Spaniards, whose team of Sasha Djordjevic was winning after the first quarter 22:13, and then the vehemence of the notorious Balkan — Nikola jokić were expelled from the site for two technical — significantly complicated the route of the Serbs to the coveted gold.

Often after such defeats are trying to look for the good, relying on a sobering effect, which has invigorating effect on the team, too believed in their invulnerability. Yes, but the psychology of the Serbs is so mysterious dark matter that you never know which action it will manifest itself.

Especially in an emergency situation. But only to such and can be attributed to the news of the death of his mother, which recently received point guard Serbs Vasile Mitsich. The coaching staff gave the players the ability to decide what to do in this situation. And Mitsich said will stay in the team until the end of the tournament. After this I could only guess what the psychological effect will have a gloomy aura, just a couple of days deepening over the national team of Serbia.

The Argentines in this respect, it was easier. They are on a par with the United States guaranteed them a place in the Olympic tournament. So in Tokyo, Luis Scola will be able to afford to come as player-coach, juggles masseur and in any role as he pleases. So the sun smiled Argentines before the match against Serbia. No wonder it is depicted on the flag of this country.

Now the defeat of the Balkan giants clearly lurks in the details, and it’s not just about pocket rocket system Facundo Capazzo. Here, you and Marjanovic with Jovic, Milchem and Raduljica that did not get into the game. Here and nightmare 28% the implementation of three-pointers (8 of 28). And, in fact, the most important thing — willful violation of obvious rules in games against Latin American teams. In any case, do not give them the opportunity to catch courage.

Up to a certain point Sasha Djordevic due to timeouts were able to extinguish a three-pointer of the series Patricio Garino and Luke Vildoza, but when it came to the main player’s opponents point guard Facundo Capazzo, the Serbs did not have any one player back line, which could complicate his life. And somewhere in the middle of the third quarter the protection of Serbia ceased to be a big secret to small for such a small Rampazzo.

FAK is necessary with the remnants of shame and fear, then started to regularly go to a drive to the basket, despite the fact that there are clustered on three or four players of the national team of Serbia. Carrazco scored from behind the arc, gave the ball to the three partners, pass between the legs of the opponent were giving the Serbs after the next goal scored.

In comparison to such a basketball game burlesque Serbia looked fat. In terms of game attitude, and physically. Jokić, who was forced to play attack after their own rebounds, looked heavy and couldn’t catch up with air travellers departing on a fastbreak partners, and his long passes guard returned to the defense of the Argentines.

So Nico was forced to wind pallewatte idle before giving the ball to someone of the partners already in posizione. Not surprisingly, in the last quarter of the leader of the Serbs finally fizzled out and was replaced three minutes before the end of the match.

Bogdan Bogdanovic tried to the last, but his forces were inadequate even with outstanding statistics (21 points, 6 of 13 games, 3 of 6 with the average, 3 of 7 three-pointers, 6 of 8 free throws). Serbs worked, trying to win callused hands.

Argentines with each attack was simply trying to extend the moment of pleasure from the game. The realization that they really are fighting something, it’s only when gray Luis Scola began to thrash furiously on the parquet after the next hit with a foul. In the eyes of the Serbs by that time there was no fire: it was poured trickle of sweat from his brow and rushing tears.

And it was honest, it was manly, it was right. There is nothing wrong with having to cry about a missed opportunity, especially knowing that Argentina was about to cry you just will not.

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