Drum roll. SKA snatched victory thanks to a hat-trick Barabanova


Zenit continued triumphal procession started back to the Cup “Karjala”. Their victory over the champion (4:2) became their ninth in a row. SKA led the standings in the Western conference.



The premiere in the KHL 17-year-old goalkeeper SKA and the youth team of Russia Yaroslav Askarov was a great success. Victory (4:2) Neva, the army owes much to its debut. He was applauded even stingy with the praise of the boss of the club Roman Rotenberg.

However, the tour on the route Riga – Moscow juniors did not take. SKA dosed his load at senior level. But so wanted to see Askarov in the match with the champion. Handle it?

By the way, in Leningrad, the brilliant Evgeny Belosheikin for CSKA their first Derby with “Dinamo” failed. The red and blue in mid-November 1984, lost 4:5, and Viktor Tikhonov for long seated 18-year-old goalkeeper in reserve. But the next season White – the so-called Belosheikin – not only ousted from the foundations of Alexander Tyjnych, but became number one in the 1986 FIFA world Cup in Moscow.

The same wish and Askarov, who is waiting for the world youth championship in the Czech Republic.

But on CSKA staff, guests threw Alexander Samonov, exchanged from the “Vityaz”. Early in the season he “CSKA Arena” stopped the holders of Gagarin Cup – the Moscow region team won willed victory 2:1. Especially admired was his save in the first period when he dealt with a cast of Cyril Kaprizova lying on the ice. The leader of attacks of Muscovites already grabbed his head.

Simonova will have to compete with Ilya Sorokin, successfully played both games in St. Petersburg. We will remind, CSKA defeated SKA 3:0 and 3:2 in shootouts.


SKA arrived in the capital with a shield. After a series of eight wins, with a strong desire to renew it. In spite of the injury. The hospital team Alexei Kudashov is not empty. To retired Tkachev, Shvets-Horny Melnychuk, Rundblad joined defender-olimpionic Tooth.

Of the managers of the Finnish convocation remained Burdasov and Kuzmenko. The invitation of the latter on the Cup “Karjala” has brought forward new forces. Now his signature “snail” he tries to complete the cast. So in this match Kuzmenko got out of the gate a penny, but missed.

And another hero Phenchhana-2018 Reels now shows his best hockey. Having dealt with the conversations of skeptics that a tapered box not for his skates. In the first period, three times he was on the firing positions and the third attempt hit the target, throwing with irresistible brush from under skates Taldinskogo. Goal answering goal.

The hosts opened the scoring after a counterattack launched by veteran Popov. He chewed at the side of the washer and carefully put it under the throw. “Ten” CSKA, the hero of the recent interview with “Soviet sport” are not missed.

Wednesday promised to declare a national team structure on the Cup of the First channel. It seems that many soldiers will get into the coveted list of Alexei Kudashov. And SKA in his headquarters a new face appeared – coach Andrei Kozyrev, has been working successfully with young people, in particular with the Junior national team U17. In 2002, the quarterback flashed in CSKA Tikhonov, limited to one game. After she gathered her things and English left the team.

Yesterday the ice went out several candidates for the youth team of Muscovites Novels and Sorkin, Zenit Kirill Marchenko and Galenic.

They flew scouts and representatives of NHL clubs. Processing our stars is in full swing.


Unfortunately, in the heavy Monday superchoke prevented a very mediocre football. CSKA Viktor Gancharenko took the Tula Arsenal and drew off some of the fans. After the break, the visitors began to control the puck, but missed a counterattack. Vey after throwing the puck off the goalie Samonov ricochet in the back experienced defender Belov, and bounced into the net. Goal-analogue that scored “Zenit” in the match against “Spartak”.

The owners on the success of the nearly increased the advantage, but was thwarted by the goalkeeper and inaccuracy in the final stage.

SKA your chance used on all 200 percent. Kuzmenko did not hit the gate, but a bad throw turned into a luxury pass. The puck bounced off the front side to the far patch in touch nailed into the net… Belov. Maybe their walls and help, but the Board – not always. The owners do not even have to waste time on trifles and to take the request for the interference of the goalkeeper. Incidentally, in the second match of the rivals in a similar situation scored Grigorenko when Rundblad not allowed to leave the goal area Kaprizova.

The case went to overtime, but was totally against the Drums. At full speed he abruptly gave the brakes, freed from the captain of CSKA Nesterov, and sent the puck to the house of Sorokin. From the best goalkeeper of last season seem to have turned away fart.

Reels still scored into the empty net and scored a hat-trick.

SKA for the first time defeated CSKA Moscow in the Park of the legends, and Kudashov – Igor Nikitin.

source: “Soviet sport”

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