Dynamo defeated Spartak and found a solution in the top 6? Muscovites continue perestroika


Dynamo defeated Spartak and found a solution in the top 6? Muscovites continue perestroika

The time of big changes in Dynamo Moscow is not over

This summer, Dynamo Moscow is already experiencing a traditional time of unrest. Significant changes in the offseason affected not only the composition and coaching staff of the capital club, but also the management of the blue and white. To begin with, it became known about the replacement of the general manager – instead of Viktor Merkulov, Aleksey Sopin , a pupil of the Dynamo sports school, began to lead the selection , and in 2013 he won the Gagarin Cup with his native club. A few weeks later, Evgeny Krovopuskov also left the post of Dynamo General Director, who was replaced by Anatoly Kharchuk.At the same time, the 63-year-old functionary officially received the prefix “acting”, which directly indicated that the story with the reshuffle in the club’s leadership was far from over. It is expected that an end to this issue will be put around the 20th of August, when the council of shareholders of the Moscow Dynamo will be held.

In such difficult conditions, Dynamo head coach Alexei Kudashov has to prepare the team for the start of the regular season. The main problem for the blue-and-white coaching staff was the answer to the question of who would replace Dmitry Kagarlitsky and Dmitry Yashkin in the line of Vadim Shipachev. If the new coach of Muscovites refused from Kagarlitsky on his own, betting on Stanislav Galiev, then Dynamo lost Yashkina in a forced way – the best sniper of the last regular KHL championship decided to continue his career in the NHL. In the position of the Czech striker in the Shipachev troika, Alexander Petunin is currently playing around. The 24-year-old striker has been constantly moving between Dynamo and Severstal over the past years – and now the Russian striker has a great opportunity to take a new step in his career.

Dynamo may lose Artem Fedorov for a long time

One of the newcomers of the blue and white in the offseason was Artyom Fedorov, who at one time had already played for Dynamo Moscow. On August 11, the pupil of Electrostalsky hockey turned 28 years old, but Fedorov was not destined to go out on the ice on his birthday in a test match with his former club – “Spartak”. In one of the last trainings, Artyom received serious damage, as a result of which he may fall out of action for a long time. If the worst predictions come true, the Dynamo coaching staff will have to do without Artyom in the area of ​​the next two or three months. In this situation, his position in the second link was taken by 20-year-old Dmitry Rashevsky, who added a bunch of two legionnaires – Canadian Eric O’Dell and Swede Oscar Lindbergh. In this not the most familiar form, the top-6 “Dynamo” in this meeting appeared.

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The transfer of the Canadian striker to Dynamo has become one of the most talked about transfers of the blue and white this offseason. Last season, 31-year-old O’Dell played only nine matches, ending the season ahead of schedule in October, having received a very serious injury in one of Siberia’s matches. Due to the operation, Eric missed more than six months, and spending a legionnaire position on such a hockey player was a big risk for Dynamo. However, so far, fears about the Canadian have not been confirmed – at the pre-season training camp in Nizhny Novgorod, O’Dell showed almost the best results in the team during physical tests, and then managed to score several goals in control matches.

Spartak already with Dansk and Head, but so far without Pettersson

The match with Spartak was already the fourth for Kudashov’s team during pre-season training. First, Dynamo beat Torpedo and Admiral, after which they lost to Amur with a semi-reserve squad. Boris Mironov’s charges showed similar results at the beginning of the training – the red-and-white ones also lost to the Tigers and outplayed the sailors. Muscovites entered the game with Dynamo with almost a fighting lineup, leaving out of the main players only the second goalkeeper Alexei Krasikov, defenders Dmitry Vishnevsky and Yakov Rylov, as well as their main newcomer – Swedish striker Emil Pettersson , who only recently arrived at the team’s location.

But other newcomers of the red and white are already in the ranks – the goalkeeper Oscar Dansk was dispatched to the last line, and Tim Head and Yakub Yerzhabek acted in defense. It was the Swede Head who managed to open an account in the match, breaking through Ivan Bocharov with a powerful throw when playing in the majority. The Swedish defender made more than one dangerous shot on goal in the future, but only Sergei Shirokov managed to excel in the Spartak lineup, who at the start of the second period successfully corrected the puck after Erzhabek’s throw.

Rashevsky became Dynamo joker in a test match

However, the main hero of the match turned out to be the unexpected joker of the blue and white – Rashevsky . The 20-year-old striker fit perfectly into the second link of the Dynamo team and put his hand to four goals of his team. The young striker, recently drafted to the NHL by Winnipeg, scored twice on his own and twice helped his teammates score. Dmitry was also remembered for his work in the defense zone – in one of the episodes Rashevsky’s timely return to the defense saved Dynamo from an inevitable goal.

summed up the results of the test match, and also spoke about the work of the capital club in the transfer market.

“I already said last time that one cannot draw any conclusions on these matches. First of all, we look at what we have gained – what works for us, what does not work and needs to be improved. As in any game – today we saw good and bad moments.

Did Rashevsky’s play surprise you? He is not playing the first match in the second line, he has been training with us for the second month, so we have seen him for a long time. Let’s not even discuss this topic, because a young guy and some advances to him … He just plays, and we look at him.

Seeing Lindbergh as a winger? We are trying different options, today there was such a combination. As of Fedorov, there is no official information. We hope that Eremenko will play in the summer. Shipachev will not play in the minority? No, why. We all play, both in the majority and in the minority. It’s just that today there was such an option.

I would not mind McDavid and Kreichi in the lineup, but stop speculating on this topic. We have players that we are happy with. We said that we will bring up our youth, which will develop. In fact, the transfer policy does not end there. We are trying to watch more players that appear on the market. While it is empty. What positions would you like to take legionnaires? I just answered your question – the market is empty, there are no players, ”Kudashov said.

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