Dziuba barely played in front of Karpin. Well?


Dziuba barely played in front of Karpin. Well?

For the first time this season, Dziuba remained in the RPL reserve and immediately aroused emotions around him. How to understand this? Sergei Semak is regularly asked about Artyom’s uniform, so we have to repeat the classic football words: “I think we have not eleven players, but all those who are in the application”.

It is clear that it is not eleven. It is clear that even Dziuba’s lion has periods of difficult shape, and the coaching staff has a cunning plan for his recovery and entry into the season.

However, according to the resonance and repetitive questions of journalists, it seems that something strange has happened, because the captain of the national team, the leader of Zenit in recent seasons and a football player who is not easy in relations with coaches and management, starts important games (also with the same opponent) in reserve – this was the case with Loko both in the Super Cup and in the RPL.

Moreover, Dziuba is a rather protest footballer: he can unexpectedly leave the training camp before the Confederations Cup and then, together with Kokorin, send a “message” to Stanislav Cherchesov . But right now the situation (since they are discussing, it means that it’s exactly a “situation”) smacks of calm and looks more like a planned action by Zenit, which is preparing 32-year-old Dziuba for another powerful season.

How is it shown? In Semak’s reasoned answers, which can be decomposed into short and understandable theses. After them, however, I don’t want to build theories and think how Dziuba’s absence on the field is connected with Zenit, Dziuba, Karpin and someone else.

It’s much simpler.

  • At the forefront of Zenit’s attack, two positions are available. Azmun and Erokhin are now in perfect order and they are the ones who come out ahead.
  • Late substitutions are due to the fact that in the match against Loko, St. Petersburg residents had to defend a lot and needed players who would “balance the game”. Mostovoy and Dziuba are more attacking players and therefore came out late.
  • “Everything is going as it should. [Dziuba] works, works well, ”says Semak.


In addition (if viewed from the side) Dziuba routinely warms up before leaving for a substitute and comes out with a smile for the last minutes. A hypothetical protest is expressed in the fact that Dziuba, coming out in the 88th minute, starts a fight, immediately bites into the ball on the left flank and jumps into single combat (against Loko – one victory in the air).

If you love Dziuba and are personally worried about him – do not worry. A respite, especially in the summer with the European Championship, will help the power striker Dziuba just gain strength.

Dziuba barely played in front of Karpin.  Well?

If you love Zenit and are worried about the team’s attack, enjoy Erokhin and Azmun, who shoots from any position.

If you love the national team, just relax. Karpin talked to Dziuba, and in general he sees everything. He does not miss the main matches and watched Artyom in the second of four championship matches.

Yes, in the last match Artyom spent seven minutes on the field, but, as we know, the bench always motivated him. I went out and tore. Not only in Karpino “Spartak” (this is a coincidence), Tula “Arsenal” and “Zenith” after the dismissal of Mancini, but also in the summer of 2018.

Dziuba can still surprise.

Including Karpin, who today for the first time will announce the composition of the new Russian national team.

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