Dziuba: is It weird that we Asanam scored more than six teams RPL


Striker “Zenit”, Artem Dzyuba expressed the view that RPL is most teams are playing open football.


“In the matches against anyone who shows open football we enjoy. Of course, the fun and games with the “Krasnodar”. To these matches in the RPL was more need to leave the scheme with three Central defenders. Yes, according to this scheme plays Atalanta, but they have a real three-man defence, and we have in the League it may be in General 8-1-1.

It seems to me, not normal when we Asanam score more than six teams in the League. It speaks to the fact that we played well (and Zenit in RPL aimed at the attack), but also about what to expect the rest”, — quotes the film Sports.ru.

“Of course, we can all just play their game — always need to adapt to the opponent, to be flexible. I think if RPL is played more in attack could be more profitable and more likely to sell players, it would be more spectators in the stands,” added the striker.

Recall Dziuba and Azmoun scored 17 goals in RPL and became the best scorers of the season.

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