Dzyuba told about the relationship with Asanam


Дзюба рассказал об отношениях с Азмуном

Photo: Alexey Filippov/RIA Novosti

The attacker “Zenit”, Artem Dzyuba told about the relationship with Serdar Asanam became the best scorer of the championship of Russia.

The TV channel “Match TV” Dzyuba said, as players must overcome the competition in the fight for the title of best scorer of the championship of Russia on football, which eventually went to the Iranian. Also, the film told about what they have partner relationship.

“How Azmoun refers to my jokes? Absolutely fine. Although really somewhere to cram a little bit, not to relax. After the game with the “Rostov” he came up and said that he was grateful to me, as the elder brother for support. It was nice,” said Dzyuba.

Both strikers of the St. Petersburg club scored 17 goals in the championship, but Azmoun additional indicators ahead of team-mate. Dzyuba has admitted that the resentment of Iranians do not keep.

“To win the scoring race, I will not lie, too. But we have awarded a score of 17:17. This means that I’m not lost,” added Dziuba.

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