Egorov: the Dukes instructed to prepare a list of young arbitrators


© RIA Novosti / Alexander vilf / go to photostockSoccer ball Егоров: Дюков поручил подготовить список молодых арбитров

Sergey Smyshlyaev. The President of the Russian football Union (RFU) Alexander Dyukov was given the task to prepare the next Executive Committee of the organization a list of young referees to strengthen the competition among the judges of the Russian Premier League (RPL), told reporters the head of the Department of refereeing and inspection RFU Alexander Egorov.

The RPL championship season 2019/20 was launched on 12 July, to the current point in the tournament you have played five rounds. Thus at the end of each of them, there were comments on the work of the referees as representatives of the clubs and other officials.

“Djukov has given the task: prepare for the Executive Committee an additional list of young guys to RPL to increase competition. And the experienced arbitrators who will not clean up, they will have a replacement,” – said Egorov.

He also noted that a similar situation exists in the national Football League, “where experienced referees made some serious mistakes.”

“And one referee and one inspector suspended for the rest of the season. Igor Nizovtsev and inspector Sergey Andreev, was a match “Yenisei” – “Krasnodar-2″. But we have already introduced in Germany, six young referees”, he added.

“We are constantly in touch with Dyukov. I have a job that always someone will be unhappy. But with Alexander Valerievich we connected and I always feel his support. You know, I who has neither been fired, and coaches, and former judges. But the main thing – not to give in to emotions, it interferes with work”, – said Egorov.

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