Emelianenko came up with a new version of MMA. Have to fight without gloves


Russian MMA fighter Alexander Emelianenko has announced that it has invented a new version of mixed martial arts.

— Hello-Hello, good people! I want to tell you about the version I came up with. It will consist of three rounds. This will be our Russian version of the color of the flag: white, blue, red. Each round is five minutes. Mixed martial arts fighter needs to be universal, it must be able to stand to work and in the struggle to control. The first round will be K-1 rules, which allowed kicks, elbows, feet, knees. Left two soldiers and five minutes in the rack. Any mixed martial arts starts in the front, not in the fight. Stood the fighters and fight. All the first round ended.

— Next round, the second — the rules of the fight. Leave the men and begin again from the counter, to transfer to orchestra seats, that is, the dynamics.

— The third round — there is already possible to fight under MMA rules, there are included all. It will add more dynamism and entertainment. All fighters will be able to demonstrate their qualities as strikers and wrestlers. That is, will not dominate wrestlers over strikers, we equate rules for all. This will be the Russian version — white, blue, red. You’ll never look at America and send me with calls to fight in the UFC. It’s the Americans will be brought here, in Russia, and we will be here to beat them. I’m ready to perform in this version. Left for us to find like-minded people. I think you’ll like what I came up with. The case for small — to find people who might be interested in, and then organize our promotion that people are interested to fight here. We will develop our sport for the glory of Russia. For more entertainment, fighting without gloves! — said Emelianenko in a video on his page in Instagram.

Recall his next fight Emelianenko will hold under Boxing rules against a powerlifter Mikhail Koklyaev.

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