Emelianenko fun video Kharitonov with apologies to fight club “Ahmad”


Russian fighter of MMA Alexander Emelianenko on his page on Instagram posted a video apology of Sergei Kharitonov in the address fight club “Ahmad” and the head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov.

Kharitonov also said that the conflict with Emelianenko will be settled in battle.

— I thought it was journalists ‘ fault. — posted by Emelianenko.

— I apologized to the people who misunderstood something. My attitude to Alexander Emelianenko remains the same. As to the head of the Chechen Republic and club “Ahmad”, I always treated them with respect. I was in Chechnya, I was welcomed as a dear guest.

— For that I apologize? Journalists glued a few sentences where I said that people who support Alexander Emelianenko on the Internet are button heroes. And many perceived it differently: what I mean was the club “Ahmad”. This is absolutely not true! With the club “Ahmad” I have warm and friendly relations! I trained and trained with these guys together. What people think when journalists turn, this is a completely different attitude. I clearly say and ready for the words to answer! explained the situation Kharitonov.

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