Environmentalists have made a rating of the polluting automakers


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Volkswagen, Renault and Nissan topped the list of carmakers in terms of CO2 emissions given in the report of Greenpeace.

“Top 5 pollutants – VW (annual emissions in CO2 equivalent – 582 megatons), Renault Nissan (577 megatons), Toyota (562 megatons), General Motors (530 megatons), Hyundai-Kia (401 megaton) – are responsible for 55% of emissions from the entire automotive industry,” the report said.

According to the authors of the report, the VW emissions a year more than the emissions of Australia over the same period. The total emissions of car manufacturers VW, Daimler and BMW are larger than emissions of Germany. American car manufacturers – Ford, General Motors and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles – leaders of the specific indicators of emissions per vehicle due to the fact that these powerful machines are popular in the US market. The total contribution of auto industry in greenhouse gas emissions from mankind is 9%.

According to green, with the release of hybrid cars only masks the problem, because the main remains gasoline or diesel engine.

The researchers also noted that car manufacturers must make information about the CO2 emissions of the open, because now her search very difficult. In addition, car makers should abandon the production of cars using fossil fuels in the near future.

According to the consensus between scientists of countries of the world, the burning of fossil fuels by mankind “accelerates” global warming. Humanity at the level of governments trying to reduce CO2 emissions and other greenhouse gases to reduce the rate of warming and keep the temperature in the range of 1.5 degrees. However, large industrial giants, according to environmentalists, continue to adversely affect the climate, producing “dirty” cars on fossil fuels.

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