Eugene Lovchev: Gigot played as Andrei Tikhonov


Our columnist Yevgeny Lovchev – on the main match of the 6th round “Spartak” – CSKA (2:1).News SMI2

“Spartak” always was dukhovity team that produces interesting games when everything boils and bubbles. The first time the owners do not work: the players were too stiff, and especially poorly acted supporting area – Zobnin and Guliyev. They dominated the game, didn’t deliver the ball into the forward line.

During the break, all the newcomers are foreigners, “Spartacus” felt what the Russian Derby. The second half turned out to be quite other thoughts. I would also like to mention one point: in “Spartacus” has always been players who dominated the game, ignited the team. One of these was Andrei Tikhonov, with whom we watched the match in the Studio. Today the role of Tikhonov acted as the Gigot.

Separately want to say about Him. This is a great master who clearly knows when to hold the ball and when to give the course partner. No unnecessary movements he does. Remember the first goal. Because the left flank was served and Bakayev, and the other, but that’s what Schurrle has done everything necessary – filigree hung on Gigot, on a seat, and one very cool shot. And, of course, great merit in the ball of the Gigot. After all, he knocked the ball out of the penalty area, he broke up the attack, and he rushed forward and was completed. How many defenders in his place would kick the ball and felt on this mission in this episode is done.

I don’t know who mass was set on fire these flares. If you believe the commentators, it was the fans of CSKA. But they only hurt their team. CSKA only equalized, the psychological advantage had passed to CSKA, but the delay is offset by the psychological benefit.

And very well worked during this pause Oleg Kononov – he quickly gathered the players and emotionally something showed them. And the first attack after the resumption of the game ended with a goal.

May not agree with me fans of CSKA, but “Spartak” deserved to win. And revived the hope of the fans that the team is changing for the better.

source: “Soviet sport”

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