“Even Oleynik wrote to me that Ian “zazvezdilsya”. Orlovsky said Peter to the insult


After defeating Jose Aldo and conquest championship belt UFC Peter Yang received plenty of congratulations. Shared experiences and the famous Andrew Orlowski, “How do I fight Peter Jan with Jose Aldo? So I basically just excited for Yekaterinburg. Glad for the club, “Archangel Michael”, Igor Alexeevich Altushkin for Anton and Kolya, Anna. They needed this win, happy for them, congratulations.” About the winner of the Belarusian fighter is not mentioned. Ian, in response, posted a video response Orlowski, accompanied by his offensive comment: “Clean skin”.

The conflict of Yana Orlovsky and there’s a certain background. Earlier it became known that before one of the fights, Jan got together with Andrew in the same room. He tried to start a conversation, but focused on the battle he answered in monosyllables, and soon stopped entirely, eyes closed, listening to music with headphones. Orlovsky did not like this behavior, he soon called Peter “arrogant guy”. Perhaps that is why pit Bull and did not mention the name Ian when he congratulated his team on a championship belt.

It seems that Ian in the answer about the “skin” acted too aggressive. His reaction condemned even the traditionally good-natured Alexey Oleinik: “It’s not our way, not in Russian to start a new title with in order to understand the Internet. Especially with their compatriots. And condescend to the fact that some nasty things about someone to write, even if that person is not right. Typically, when you’ve accomplished a huge goal, then you should be forgiving people. I’m not even talking about the fact that a man older than you by 10-15 years to not offend”.

Soon, Ian said he and Orlovsky. The Belarusian fighter was not offended, but was disappointed with behaviour of the Russian.

“What can I say. If a person does one bend, let them write. For each rotok not to throw the handkerchief. Everyone can say what he wants. How could I belittle my achievements congratulations to Peter? He is now the champion of UFC in the lightweight division. Maybe I’m old, don’t understand something. Even Lech Olejnik wrote to me that Ian “zazvezdilsya”. If this goes on, scared for the young generation” — said Orlovsky channel Alexander Lyutikova in YouTube.

In the conflict between two famous fighters from the former Soviet Union is not good. As is often the case, the confrontation started small and quickly gained momentum. Of course, Orlovsky would patiently relate to the failure to communicate before the fight and mention the name of Jan in greeting. However, the Russian champion is more respectful to the legendary fighter, who is older than his fifteen years. Although established in many fans opinion, Orlovsky is good to the majority of athletes from Russia, trying to support them in every way. Let’s hope that current and former UFC heavyweight champion would soon settle all controversies and shake hands.

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