Everyday work Celta: command Smolov ten men suffered the victory over the “Getafe”


Oscar Garcia took Fedor in the second half to strengthen the defense.

After three matches against top of the table during the feast a man was found at home with another member of the struggle for survival the “Leganes”.

Recall that in the previous meetings after the transition Fyodor Smolova team from Vigo scored 4 points, losing to Valencia after beating Sevilla and having a draw with real Madrid in Madrid. At the beginning of the meeting, “Celta” and “Getafe” were adjacent in the relegation zone since yesterday “Mallorca” got one point away at real Betis (3:3).

The composition and placement of the Galicians have changed in comparison with game on “Santiago Bernabeu”. Instead of tactics 3-5-2 Oscar Garcia chose 4-2-3-1, which now remained the only centre-forward. Iago ASPAs went on the right edge of the attack, to the left appeared Denis Suarez and directly behind Smolov is located Rafinha Alcantara. On the right flank of defence returned the Vice-captain Hugo Mallo and Lucas Olas has become a left defender. At the same places in the starting lineup was not to Ghanaian defender Joseph IDA and Kevin Vazquez.

The first half has not yet reached the equator, and tactical solitaire, invented by Garcia already lost its meaning. On 21 minutes Croatian midfielder Philip Bradaric in a desperate tackle drove the outstretched leg Unai bustinza in the ankle. Jose Luis Munuera Montero without hesitation pulled out his red card.

To order episode checked the VAR team, but the harsh verdict of the arbitrator was not canceled, which caused a storm of indignation from the owners. Garcia was the answer to warnings, and the players “salty” then began to commit fouls is optional and, whenever possible, to communicate with the referee in a raised voice.

The game in attack, all this did not improve, and in fact and in equal structures “salty” failed to undermine the defense of “Leganes” and the goalkeeper Juan Soriano did not have a job.

While the owners were nervous and understood how to play with ten men, the team of Javier Aguirre has achieved a notable advantage, scored a couple of good visits in the penalty area. In the 44th minute Recio had a chance to open the scoring, however, the “Salto” saved on duty at the goal line Mallo, substituting for the ball head.

Only after that the owners finally there has been some work after a long defensive work with lots of running around without the ball. The second added minute, the Olas are finally rid the team from zero in the “hits”, breaking the distance past the gate.

After the break, “Leganes” retained the initiative, and “Celta” at every attempt to go on the offensive had to get rid of the shackles of a fairly high-quality pressure. In such circumstances, no Smolov or ASPAs never had a chance to show themselves, after all, a striker regularly had to help the team defend.

But in spite of all the problems “Celta” still opened the scoring on 62 minutes with his first strike in the dispute. The goal was preceded by a long pause, as the referee had to see the replay to make the decision about the foul midfielder “Leganés” Oscar against Olasi. Munuera Montero has replaced red for yellow, but the penalty remained with the owners. The Olas performed a cross from the left flank and into the penalty APAS graceful movement of the left and curled the ball into the far bottom corner.

After that, Garcia reasoned that there is no more sense to play short-handed with two forwards, and took the game Smolov to release defensive midfielder Fran Beltran. The fans accompanied a Fedora, standing applauding in gratitude for the Madrid goal and for the effort in today’s game. The final figures of the Russian striker to impress, of course, could not – for 64 minutes not a single shot, one foul and 14 assists with a precision of 50%.

By the way, the next replacement coach of “salty” was also aimed at the destruction: Suarez has replaced IDE in the 78th minute.

The Galicians kept the score 1:0 at the expense of ball control and it turned out tolerably well. The pressure of the guests has ceased to operate, but because of the real threats to team Aguirre is no longer created. In the end of “leganés” scraped together a considerable number of corners, however the goal was not enough.

“Celta” proletarian suffered the victory and climbed out of the relegation zone to 17th place. The Galicians 24 points, and the next match they will hold on February 29 in the “Granada”.

The Championship Of Spain

25th tour

“Celta” – “Leganés” – 1:0 (0:0)

Goal: ASPAs, 62.

“Celta”: Ruben, Mallo, Murillo, Araujo, Lucas Olas, Bradaric, Okay Yokuslu, ASPAs (Mine 83), Rafinha Alcantara, Denis Suarez (IDA, 78), Smolov (Beltran, 65).

“Leganés”: Soriano, Awesoem, Sivas, Amaroo, Bustinza (Brian Gil, 66), Recio, Ruben Perez, Jonathan Silva (Ascale, 55), Frickson Erazo (Oscar 46), Kevin Rodrigues, Carillo.

Warnings: Denis Suarez, 26, Murillo, 31 – Jonathan Silva, 14, Sivas, 24, Oscar, 62

Removal: Bradaric, 21 (foul play).

Referee: Munuera Montero.

22 Feb. Vigo. “Vigo”. 19 335 spectators.

source: “Soviet sport”

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