“Everyone in the NBA should be scared.” LeBron took a risky move for the title


“Everyone in the NBA should be scared.” LeBron took a risky move for the title

Training camp kicks off in the NBA. The teams are actively preparing for the regular season, and more and more details about their plans for the upcoming season appear in the media at this time. The Los Angeles Lakers with their new roster was no exception. It is already known how the starting five of the lakesers will look like in the upcoming draw.

According to The Athletic, the Lakers will start with Russell Westbrook, Wayne Ellington, Trevor Ariza, LeBron James and Anthony Davis . Yes, yes, the coaching staff wants so much to see the Big Trio on the court at the same time that they are ready to release all three at the start no matter what. And for the sake of Westbrook, with his claim to big minutes, the star duo had to make sacrifices. Russell needs the ball and space inside, so LeBron and Davis have moved into the awkward and unfamiliar positions of number four and number five, respectively. How will the risky move of LeBron and the Lakers end?

James is the light forward who serves as point guard, and A.D. is most effective as the heavy forward. Davis had previously complained when Lakers head coach Frank Vogel used him on No. 5. Now, apparently, I had to make sacrifices to fight for the title. Although it is hard to believe that one of the most traumatic players in the league will spend an entire season in this role. Too much physical activity and a lot of contact. In addition, this summer, the Lakers signed Dwight Howard and Deandre Jordan. In the regular season, these two will often flirt. It’s just that Davis will start the game as a starting center, after which he will probably shift to his favorite position of a heavy forward.

“It has been discussed and I expect to play center. I’m not sure how it will turn out, but Frank Vogel and I talked about this a couple of times, and this is the plan. It suits me. We want to see how it will look. Obviously, Dwight or Deandre can start at the center position. But the plan is for me to play for the most part, ”Davis commented on his position at a press conference before the start of training camp.

The balance is to be found in terms of the distribution of playing minutes between the newcomers of the team. For example, Ariza , who only played 30 games in the previous season, will fight for a starting spot with Tailen Horton-Tucker (who is 16 years his junior). Now the Lakers also have Kent Basemore and Carmelo Anthony. Ellington in his position looks a little preferable to Malik Monk. Primarily thanks to the 42.2% from beyond the arc last season. In this starting five, Wayne is generally the only one who has a stable long-range throw. There are decent shooters on the bench, so it’s not all that critical overall. Wide rotation is always good.

By the way, about signing. Everything was done under the vision of LeBron James. The fact that he plays a role in the Lakers is much more than just a player, everyone has long known. Recently, information appeared that LeBron was personally engaged in the search for the third star. In his Los Angeles mansion, he set up a private room in which he negotiated with potential newcomers. In the United States, she was nicknamed the “command post”. From there, the King coordinated remote communication with players living in other cities.

In some of the meetings, LeBron was joined by Davis and former team mentor Jared Dudley. Much more interesting is who James and company were hoping to get. Two NBA superstars, Bradley Beale and Damien Lillard , were the first candidates to join the Lakers , but the Lakers did not have the resources to carry out deals of this magnitude. The Lakers also came close to transferring Demara DeRozan (San Antonio Spurs) and Buddy Hilda (Sacramento Kings). Did not work out. And now nothing can be done – you have to be content with Russell Westbrook, receiving $ 44.2 million a year.

It is difficult to predict what the next restructuring will bring to the Lakers. Every day more and more questions arise for LeBron’s team. How will the custom starting five work? Will the Big Trio be played? How will all existing problems be solved? All of this remains to be seen. There is very little time left until the start of the new season, but for now the Lakers are focused on the preseason. The training camp has already started, and this week the lakeside workers will hold their first control meeting. On October 3, Frank Vogel’s charges will face off against their main title contender next season, the Brooklyn Nets.

Brooklyn are the clear favorites for the title. Kevin Durant, James Harden and Kyrie Irving are more impressive “Big Trio” than LeBron, Davis and Westbrook. However, Lakers legend Magic Johnson said that James is ready for another outstanding league season.

“LeBron James is in excellent physical shape, he is collected and purposeful. His only goal this season is to win his 5th NBA title and 18th Lakers title. Everyone in the NBA should be afraid. LeBron is on a mission! ” – wrote Magic on Twitter.

Magic has given out a lot of compliments lately. LeBron was named the best player in the world, Durant – the league’s most unstoppable basketball player, Chris Paul – the best point guard. Let’s see how Johnson’s words are relevant to his home team. The start of the NBA regular season is coming soon. On October 20, the Lakers face off against the Golden State Warriors in an exciting confrontation.

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