“Everything that does not make sense, in Russia, in the order of things”. Former forward of “Spartak” has fallen with criticism on the CHL


Former forward of a number of Russian clubs Tim Stapleton spoke about his impressions of the Continental hockey League.

— In Russia you say to yourself “What the hell”? every two days. Everything that does not make sense in your head, there is in order. When I played for “Neftekhimik”, we have had five coaches during the season. Seems by November. At some point we didn’t realize it’s a coach or a physical therapist. And we lost half of their matches, 10 games in a row. Came for the wages, and we say: will not pay you until you win. And now we won, and we brought Igor Krikunova. What he fucked up. Soviet quenching. On the second day he made us run. 10 kilometers. Night. When it was snowing. I’m not kidding. We reaches out to his car with the lights on, looked at this Krikunova and ran the second half of the race in the other direction. And he didn’t speak any English. Krikunov led exercises with a stopwatch. We could have 20 minutes to run with one exercise, and he just told us: “Go to train”. And then chatted with other people. Old school.

In Magnitogorsk I was playing with Danis Zaripov, and he has seven cars. And he was telling me about them. He is also the regular driver was. I asked, why do you have such cool cars as you can tell it is good or not, if he does not drive? I have met many rich Russian players. Always “Louis Vuitton”, “Dolce Gabbana”, — quotes the words of Stapleton Splittin Chiclets.

Recall that he acted “AK the leopard”, “Neftekhimik”, Magnitogorsk “Metallurgist” and “Spartak”.

Currently 37-year-old American plays in German “Ingolstadt”.

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