Exam from Brutal Barbie. Sultry Italian quickly dealt with the debutante


Exam from Brutal Barbie. Sultry Italian quickly dealt with the debutante

On the night of October 1–2, the Bellator 267 tournament, held in London at the legendary Wembley stadium, ended. The main fight was a rematch between former welterweight champion Douglas Lima and Briton Michael Page . Two fights ended with submissions. It is noteworthy that in both cases there were girls in the octagon. And there, and there the fights did not last more than half a round.

The second in a row to enter the cage were representatives of the minimum women’s weight category – Italian Kiara Penko and German Katarina Dalisda . Penko, nicknamed the Brutal Barbie, has been playing volleyball for a long time, but decided that team sports were not for her and made her debut in mixed martial arts in 2017. Then she became the champion of the South African promotion EFC. By 2020, I got to Bellator, but here it went more difficult – victory and defeat. In addition, at the end of last year, the 25-year-old athlete contracted the coronavirus.

But the 30-year-old German woman was about to make her Bellator debut. Dalisda, a judo black belt, approached him with a 5-2 record. But numbers in other promotions usually mean little. Katarina, whose nickname is Tigress, took the territory from the first seconds and by the 30th second after a series of blows she pressed her opponent to the net. Penko, who looked bigger, got out of a difficult position for herself by the end of the first minute of the fight.

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Penko won four submissions in her career, and this time she made a bet on her crown. She had her back to the floor, worked very high with her feet, at one time she was even close to a triangle. The tigress, in turn, managed to perform the slam, but the Italian had already reached the elbow lever. Dalisda fell, and Kiara finally pulled out her hand – Katarina knocked a little more than a couple of minutes after the start of the fight. Immediately, a charming smile appeared on the Brutal Barbie’s face.

“I smile until I get into the cage. Then there is a transformation. Sometimes, in difficult moments of battle, there are flashes in which the people closest to me appear next to me. This gives strength to rise, ”Penko said earlier.

Penko won her fifth career victory by submission. Fans on social networks felt that her rival in this component was significantly weaker.

– Easy job for Kiara Penko, as expected.

“Dalisda had a good opportunity to get out, but for some reason she did not take advantage of it.

– You must stop believing that being on your back is equal to defeat.

“Penko just knew Dalisda was insignificant on earth.

Now the sultry Italian has a positive balance of victories in Bellator. So it is not far to the status of a rating fighter, given that women in the promotion are not so competitive. In the meantime, she smiles again – there is a reason.


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