Expect from Medvedev’s victory at the Final tournament. What awaits Russian tennis players at the end of the season


The U.S. open is completed. It’s time to take stock of the tournament and think – what our players are top 100 in the final part of the season?

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Rating for US Open: great!

We were afraid that the marathon, which has withstood Medvedev this summer, haunt him in new York. Three finals in a row, including two on the “Masters” (one ended with a victory in Cincinnati), and 16 games in three weeks – a serious burden! Despite the fact that Daniel is not superflat, and problems with endurance not once let him down.

Overall, we were not mistaken. In the first round of the Respondent was summoned to the court physician. The match of the second round finished with terrible cramps and still can’t believe it was able to win! During the third meeting against Feliciano Lopez to problems with hips added shoulder (and along with the stands which Medvedev showed the middle finger, but this is another story). In the 1/8 finals under a t-shirt and shorts Daniel already adorned with two metres of bandages. It was noticeable that he is worse than moving, is not so consistently delivers, plays through the pain and drink a handful of pills before the match.

And then it turned out that the main weapon of the Medvedev – not the ability to do 20 aces for the meeting, running around like crazy on the court for several sets and to harass opponents with stability on the back line. Most important thing is his champion’s character and ability to play smart tennis, skillfully saving power at the expense of the best tactical decisions. Because of that, he went and Wawrinka, and Dimitrov is really elite players! And, therefore, gave battle in the finals himself, Rafael Nadal. When the first inferior 5:7, 3:6, 1:3, then changed the course of the game, he nearly pulled ahead with a break in the deciding set, but in the end lasted five hours! The Spaniard, though, won – on experience and somewhat on luck. He’s a legend. But we now know that this final is for Daniel not a coincidence. Not a coincidence, like the departure of Djokovic with Federer (both could become rivals of Russians, both left out of the circle before I met him). Namely, the result is a full, elegant game, which he is able to show for a long time (not short bursts, as many of the young stars).

So these finals, Medvedev will still be. Do not hesitate!

The goal for the rest of the season: to gain a foothold in the top 4

Daniel is the fourth in the world. Already qualified for the Final tournament. Now he will have to rearrange your calendar, to abandon the small tournaments (they just do not give him points), to gain time to rest. Theoretically, he has the opportunity to break into the top 3 (although first place in the current season is unattainable). But this is, after all, not an end in itself. Now Medvedev is more important to demonstrate to us and himself that he is ready to regularly fight with the strongest. Including at the Final. If you succeed, then in the new year he will enter in a completely different mood. And already there the main task will be first line and title on the “Big hats”.


Ждем от Медведева победы на Итоговом турнире. Что ждет российских теннисистов в концовке сезона

Rating for US Open: poor

Khachanov came to new York for the ninth racket of the world. So, in General, and remains today. That’s just lost in the first round of… Tennis player, who recently underwent back surgery and missed more than a year, returned to the Tour two months before the US Open, and at the time of the match with Karen was not even in the top 200. And who in the second round they lost a “star” like Tennis Sandgren. In General, we do a lot of what I was expecting. But certainly not of defeat Hechanova from the Vasek Pospisil. Perhaps Karen surprised myself. How bad did the match. Not having, including, and character.

The goal for the rest of the season: to stay in the top 10

In the title race ATP, Karen is only 19. And this is the position around which it will end this year, seriously not add in the fall. In October-November for him to defend his titles at the “Kremlin Cup”, and most importantly in Paris. In case of failure only in these two tournaments, he will lose almost half the points (from the current 1250 2810). And if the native platform, then twice in a row to win the masters in the French capital Karen will be very difficult!

Although not to say that it is impossible at all.

Khachanov, may, holds not the shock of the season, but still showed that his tennis is really high level. Hence the quarter-finals in Miami, and – “Roland Garros”. Hence, the semi – finals in Montreal. Alas, lacks stability. So – and confidence in their abilities. But the fall of the Karen traditionally looks cool (his first ATP title, he also took after the US Open in 2016 in Chengdu). It fit the closed rooms. If the system fails, and Khachanov make the right conclusions (in particular from the defeat of Pospisil), the chance to stay in the top 10 will receive. Though, admittedly, that chance is small.


Ждем от Медведева победы на Итоговом турнире. Что ждет российских теннисистов в концовке сезона

The estimate for the US Open: well

Andrew gained confidence in myself that brought results. Last summer he also had a very good! Not like Medvedev, of course. But much better Hechanova. Despite the thinness and subtilest (it is possible in principle to feed?), Rublev – physically gifted player. Country’s tennis little monotonous… Andrew takes great, gets fantastic beats left and right. He is able to keep the breakneck pace, and if we are able to reduce the number of errors to a minimum, that the pace can choke and Dominic Tim, and Roger Federer, and Stefanos Zizipus those tennis players top 10, which he won over the last eighteen months. However, for really serious results need variety. Demonstrated Matteo Berrettini in the fourth round of the US Open. Italian and he’s no fool in the play fast tennis, and he has excellent flow. When necessary, he has great cut, cropped, skillfully tearing pace and competently conducting their counterattack. To figure out how to handle it, Andrew just could not – not enough tactical training, and most of all Arsenal attacks. So Matteo advanced to the semifinals of the US Open and became the 13th player in the world. And Rublev himself – was eliminated in the fourth round and “only” returned to the top 40.

The goal for the rest of the season: to break into the top 20

Nevertheless, it is clear – it is in good shape. He’s really confident. And it is very stable. And so to the talent and ability to learn Rublev issues in principle, no never. He has almost nothing to defend this fall – any success will go only in plus. And if Andrei would keep its momentum, it will be able to get closer to the top 20. Maybe even enter the “twenty”.

source: “Soviet sport”

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