Experts the NHL again mess: what is wrong with the commands-dynasties


The official site of NHL continues to fill obscenely protracted pause scandalous historical ratings.

At this time, 13 staff of experts have jointly drawn the top 16 Champions in the NHL since 1967, when the League expanded from six to 12 clubs.

I ask everyone to understand me right: harsh criticism of all previous ratings angelovski specialists in any case was not my goal in itself. I suspect this is not the fault of the North American correspondent: just someone lacks elementary understanding of the intricacies of hockey, and the other historical knowledge.

I, for instance, do you remember where you were and what you were doing, terrible to say, 13 March 1966. The suburban village of pikino. Sunday. 18.00. Black and white – what else?! TV.

In the final match of the 1966 FIFA world Cup was determined. Our team needed only a victory. Team Czechoslovakia to take the gold, grabbed a draw. However, by 5 minutes it was all over:

1.20. Starshinov – 1:0;

3.22. Loktev – 2:0;

4.02. Starshinov – 3:0;

14.12. Elders – 4:0.

In the end – 7:3!

All this is saying is that all events with the expansion of the NHL, which, apparently, many of the current staff journalists of the League’s estimate is speculative, I passed through himself. But because I can not be silent when I see blatant hypocrisy. So this hierarchy 16 of the coolest Stanley Cup winner gives me a lot of questions and seems simply useless.

Thirteen electors authorized the official website of the NHL, called the 16, in their opinion, supercampeones different seasons: 1st place earned 16 points 2nd – 15… 16-th place – 1 point.

The main complaint is the lack of criteria. Who, how, chose, based on what – is not specified. What is this if not a game without rules? And when there are no rules, this is the ersatz Kalashnikov from time to time and turns.

But if NHL rules didn’t set, I’ll have to do it again for her. Otherwise what’s the point in all this historical exercise?


1). The rating of the idea is necessary to begin not with 1967 and 1992, when the NHL gathered all the strongest players, including representatives of the ex-USSR and ex-Czechoslovakia. Or to start at least from 1980, when, after the collapse of the WHA all Canadians and Americans joined them Swedes, Finns, and several defectors from Czechoslovakia were grouped in the NHL. Of course, can be in the classification of the owners of the Stanley Cup from 1968 to 1991, but exceptionally and for special merits;

2). In the victory needs to be some spice, ideally a sensation like the Olympic Miracle on ice American students-1980, or last year’s tales of the “St. Louis”;

3). The victory should be feat is a team or individual;

4). The victory should be a beautiful story;

5). Victory entered the annals of the NHL as a historical fact.

About something like that. But this implies several sub-plants, namely:

There is nothing surprising in the victories of the team-dynasty; to do this, the best fit ranking of the General managers that these dynasties created;

– There is no special merit in the victory behind a clear advantage, rather, it speaks of the weakness of competitors in each season.

Seeing the title, even without reading the text, I decided to figure out who would be included in its list in accordance with the above criteria. So far, no seats – your rating I will offer you in the next post. Now my favorites offhand:

– St. Louis-2019, of course;

Washington-2018, of course;

– The Rangers-1994, no options;

Edmonton-1990, of course;

Pittsburgh-2009, without fail;

– Detroit-1997, by far;

– New Jersey-1995, no doubt;

– Montreal-1993, probably…

Imagine my surprise when in the top 16 of the NHL I have not seen – it is impossible to believe! – do any of them! Moreover, “Edmonton”-1990 no one even put on the 16-th place! And it is this victory, not the previous four, in my opinion, in the history of the “oilers” of the home. Because produced was at that season when “oil” was no longer the undisputed kings, having lost Gretzky, Courtnall, Krushelnyski, Simpson.

But let’s go over the winners, and offer to put in a couple of clubs with opposite poles, in order brighter to highlight the fiasco list.

1. MONTREAL – 1977 (199 points) – false.

16. CHICAGO – 2010 (34 points) – worthy.

That makes the “Canadiens”-1977 and even with such a huge margin, for me an insoluble mystery. What is the merit of superkomanda that on a couple of goals, then, were above all others? I now go call a dozen of players of “Montreal” that shocked me in the super Series in 1972, and then in an epic match under the New 1976 against CSKA: savard, Dryden, Cournoyer, Lemer, Lafleur, Robinson, Pete Mahovlich, Gainey, Shutt, Ul, Mario Tremblay, of Risboro, Jarvis… Well, as a gang to beat? No way. Especially when Bobby hull, the family of Howe, Tardif, Cloutier, Ftorek, Bernier, Hedberg, sjöberg, Nedomanský and other stars of world hockey, playing in the WHA.

But he jumped up at the last moment on the last step top 16 “Chicago” is quite another matter. “Hawks”in 2010 have to be in the list, because the Stanley Cup in the windy City waited 49 years! Which is extremely important and it underlines the merit of the players and staff of “Chicago”in 2010: nine of the 11 seasons before triumph team does in the playoffs did not get! And get to the finals for the first time since 1992.

2. EDMONTON – 1985 (127 points) – false.

15. CALGARY – 1989 (47 PTS) – decent.

Эксперты НХЛ опять сели в лужу: что не так с командами-династиями

Here things are even simpler. Team monster from the oil capital of Canada after the decline of the dynasty the islanders had to win in the 80-ies of all the Stanley Cups.

The only Cup Victoria modest canadian squads in the region with a small market the fans one hundred percent should be in the rankings.

3. MONTREAL – 1978 (109 points) – false.

14. EDMONTON – 1987 (52 points) – false.

There is nothing to discuss. Or someone who was failing the exam does not know which sea the Volga flows?..

4. DETROIT 2002 (99 points) – false.

13. CHICAGO – 2013 (53 points) – not yet decided.

Эксперты НХЛ опять сели в лужу: что не так с командами-династиями

Well, how can the third victory of “Detroit” for 6 years to be above the first reached after 42-year hiatus, and even when vertical takeoff Russian five? Isn’t that insane?

More difficult with “Chicago”-2013. Priority perhaps should be given to the previous title three years ago. But to win in the period of the salary cap, and therefore a certain equality of forces, the second title in 4 years is worthy of respect.

5. ISLANDERS – 1982 (95 points) – false.

12. EDMONTON – 1988 (59 points) – false.

Again both shots milk! For anyone who understands that winning team-dynasty – the most boring thing can be in the sport. Sometimes this can kill the popularity of a particular discipline throughout the country, as happened in Soviet hockey in 80-e years “due to the” hegemony in the USSR championship with CSKA.

6. BOSTON – 1972 (84 points) – not yet decided.

11. BOSTON – 1970 (67 points) – worthy.

Эксперты НХЛ опять сели в лужу: что не так с командами-династиями

A curious coincidence: the Bruins found themselves in conjunction with himself. Comparing the two ascents, of course, choose the first in Boston main trophy of the NHL has not seen since 1941. Plus, of course, it should be noted that this is the first season of total domination in NHL hockey Bobby Orr, who became:

– most valuable player of the regular season, the “HART Trophy”;

– the best defenseman of the regular season – “Norris Trophy”;

– the best scorer of the regular season – “Art Ross Trophy”;

– most valuable player of the playoffs, “Conn Smythe Trophy”.

Well, the most famous hockey photo of a “Goal flight” made it to the final match of the Stanley Cup finals-in 1970, when the defender of “bears” struck the gate of “St. Louis” in overtime of the fourth match.

7. MONTREAL – 1976 (80 points) – false.

10. ISLANDERS – 1983 (68 points) – false.

Back together two dynasties, as any monopoly, as we all along with AC/DC learned a long time ago – Highway Tu hell. By the way, if I, without hesitation, gave you dozens of montrealers for ages, now I’ll try to do the same thing with the “islanders” Smith, Potvin, bossy, Tratie, Gillis, the Goring, Kallur, morrow, Tonelli, brothers, the Sutters… Unique hegemony “islanders”.

8. PITTSBURGH – 1992 (72 points) – worthy.

9. EDMONTON – 1984 (71 points) – false.

Эксперты НХЛ опять сели в лужу: что не так с командами-династиями

My list can not be subjective, and therefore “Pittsburgh”-1992 will enter the top 16 though, because this Stanley Cup final was the first that showed on our TV. Plus the first, which was attended by the Russian defender of “Chicago” Igor Kravchuk.

Alternative top-16 of Champions NHL tomorrow!

source: “Soviet sport”

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