Fascinating story Button about a career in f-1: terrible machines, flying through the pain, triumphs


Quarantined Jenson button didn’t waste any time. The private instagram account champion Formula 1 2009 decided every day to do a post dedicated to his racing car. We have collected all the posts dedicated to Formula 1, and placed in chronological order. Well, could not add to the story of Jensen on his performances in the WEC for “SMP the racing”.

McLaren MP4-14, 1999

“This was my first chance to try the F1 car as a prize McLaren Autosport young driver the best. Great feeling when you’re 19-year-old just stay away from the car, f-1, but when you know what you will allow it to drive at Silverstone, this is all another level. I remember when I left the pits, I thought that the main thing is not to stall! Fortunately, I coped and got one of the best experiences in my life. The power of this thing was amazing, but really, his breath caught in high-speed cornering and braking. It worked exactly as it should work as a race car, I immediately felt it. Unfortunately, the tests lasted only 20 laps, but after trying f-1, I knew that my future is here”.

Prost AP02, 1999

“The first real test of the car of f-1. The Manager called when I was on vacation in Cancun. He said that Alain Prost would like to test drive me in their car in 1999, and he asked me whether I’m free in three days. I said, “Hang on a sec, need to urgently buy a ticket!” I ran AP02 at “Catalunya”, the sensations were amazing. It was a fun car in terms of driving, it was easy to find the limit. My day was shortened because of the motor, which is stuck in the middle of the turn T3 at speeds over 200 km/h, which is somewhat shocking! Whatever it was, it was a good test, which has attracted the attention of someone, and Frank Williams. Well, I met with his hero Alain Prost”.

Williams BMW FW22, 2000

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Day2 #aracecaraday is the Williams BMW FW22 from my debut year in F1. The car and team that gave me my chance in F1 🙏🏽 Thank you Frank. I loved the FW22, she was a very driveable and fun car to drive, well balanced but lacked overall downforce to fight with the Ferrari’s and Mclaren’s. The photo you see here was from mid season when the team were trying different ways of getting more downforce on the car with the sidepod winglets and the air box wing, I’m not entirely sure but think the first race for this spec was Monaco GP? In my debut year my best finish was a 4th at a very wet Hockenheim Germany. Best qualifying was P3 in Spa but my favourite race was the British GP, started 6th and past the legendary Michael Schumacher into turn1 💪🏽 #fw22

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“The car and team gave me a chance to f-1 thank you, Frank! I liked FW22 which was well managed, was well-balanced, but it lacked overall downforce to compete with “Ferrari” and “McLaren”. The photo that you see done in the middle of the season, when the team experimented with different things, trying to find more downforce. Not sure, but perhaps such specification made its debut in Monaco. In its debut year my best result was fourth place in a very rainy Hockenheim. Best qualified — third place in the Spa, but my favourite race — the Grand Prix of great Britain, where I started sixth and passed the legendary Michael Schumacher in the first turn.”

Benetton B201, 2001

“This machine is shocked after such a well-balanced “Williams”. I was slow and couldn’t figure out how to go faster. I perioperational, thinking that my talent will compensate for the shortcomings of the machine, but it didn’t work. My lack of pace was not

speed, and the fact that I didn’t understand how to configure the machine. I spent a lot of time with the engineers and the technical Director Mike Gascoyne, which was a very difficult person, but that’s what I needed. The team tried the motor with the collapse of the cylinders 110 degrees (normal motor f-1 — 90 degrees) to lower the center of gravity. In theory a great idea, but the engine lacked power and reliability. A tough year, but he let how to prepare for the 2002 th!”

Renault R202, 2002

“Finished seventh in the individual competition, for which I had to cut some corners! Had to take his first podium at the “Sepang” when I went to third for a lap before the finish line, but broke his rear suspension and I passed Michael, and I made it to the fourth position. Satisfied with his work after a terrible 2001. By the way, love the livery of this car, you like it?”

BAR Honda 005, 2003

“It was my first year of playing in the team from Brackley. Remember that went to the base and the whole team made me feel at home here — except for Jacques Villeneuve! Fun year, we fought with Jacques on the track and beyond, and eventually became good friends, once I proved what I was worth. It was also the year of my most serious accident: I lost control of the vehicle at the exit of the tunnel in Monaco and crashed into the wall with an overload above 30g. I spent the night in the hospital and missed the race 🙁 this year twice finished fourth, the first podium was already round the corner”.

BAR Honda 006, 2004

“Spicy season for me in f-1: I earned the first podium in Malaysia, he became the first of the ten in 2004. Also won his first pole position at Imola. I liked the car, I still think it was one of my best seasons in f-1. I got third in the championship and was awarded as the best rider from Autosport”.

BAR Honda 007, 2005

“A good car. Not as fast as 006, but still won it with some great podiums. I won the second pole position of his career in Montreal, but had to crash into the “Wall of Champions”. We were deprived of a podium in Imola and disqualified for the next two Grand Prix in Spain and Monaco (I am the second time in three years missed the race in the Principality) in the machine of the second fuel tank. Went a rumor that such a tank in that season was almost every team, but for the demonstrative flogging chose us.”

Honda RA106, 2006

“This machine brought me on “Hungaroring” first win in f-1. An emotional moment for the whole team that worked so hard for the first victory since the inception in the late 90s. I Think this is my most beautiful car in f-1, right?”

Honda RA107, 2007

“After such a great 2006 with our first victory and several podiums, we expect that 2007 will be very special, especially as I raced under the lucky number seven! Well, that’s the year I realized that there are no lucky numbers do not exist! Bad year, we barely got into the points, but at least saved the planet!”

Honda RA108, 2008

“Yes, the car had wings, wings and more wings, but none of them helped! This machine only worked in the rain. Not much to say, but still striking, that her successor was the “brown” BGP001!”

Brawn BGP001, 2009

“My championship machine. After such a difficult winter for the team is simply output at the start of the first race was like a win, but we came to Melbourne with such a weapon, which made us jump for joy like children. We won six of the first seven races, but after that had a difficult, because all the other teams worked on large updates, but we don’t. Yes, the car was strong, but if in f-1 you don’t bring new items, rolled back. My best race in 2009 was not to win, but the leap from 14th place to fifth with “Interlagos”, which allowed to win the title one race before the end. A special year with an amazing group of people who fully deserved to progress”.

McLaren MP4-25, 2010

“It’s great to look # 1. My first of many year “McLaren”. Won the first team compared the results of the second intervention. I was leading the championship by winning the second race with the team in Shanghai, and I had a great battle with my teammate Lewis Hamilton and pilots “Red bull” throughout the year. This car was famous for its duct. You closed the hole in the cockpit with his hand that changed the air flow directed to the rear wing, you got to direct less air resistance and a large “maximum speed”. This device gave us a couple of tenths per lap, but by the end of the race the hand terribly ill!”

Mclaren MP4-26, 2011

“I liked this machine — not for appearance, it is not pretty, but for the incredible downforce due to the blown diffuser. 2011 was probably my best year in f-1 in terms of their own performances. I became second in the championship, scoring three wins in Canada (Yes, that is a very long race where I had six pit stops, I was faced with Lewis and Fernando, got a puncture, broke my front wing, got a penalty, twice went last and won on the last lap), Hungary on his 200-m Grand Prix of Japan. Victory in “Suzuka” is probably my favorite, as I finished just ahead of the two multiple world Champions — Sebastian and Fernando. Oh, and my partner was a guy named Lewis, which made the victory even more special!”

McLaren MP4-27, 2012

“The 2012 season started great for me, with victory in the first race of the season, then still was the most dominant victory in Spa and my last win in f-1 and in the “McLaren” with “Interlagos”. I liked the look of the car, but it had more difficult than with car-2011. However, when I was able to pick up the balance of the car was just super. It was also the last year when Lewis and I were partners”.

McLaren MP4-28, 2013

“Nice car, but it was not the fastest. In 2013, we did not win any podium closest to him was the “Interlagos” — fourth place. Remember the 2013 season as I broke my hand hitting the drum for four days before the first practice in Japan! The team said that I should skip the race, but I was sure I’d be able to fly, despite the pain — and I could! The race turned into agony, but that was nothing compared to the moment when I forgot about the fracture and shake hands with Nico Hulkenberg! Unfortunately, this was the last year for the sonorous V8 engines”.

Mclaren MP4-29, 2014

“The first year of the hybrid era. In the first race of the season, Kevin Magnussen and I together made it to the podium which was great, but in the end this was the only podium of the season. We had great battles during the season, during which we studied and developed a slightly different style of management, given the thrust of the hybrid engine and complex electronics.”

McLaren Honda MP4-30, 2015

“The 2015 season has started badly, I finished with a lag of two circles. The first version of the motor of the Honda lacked power, it was unreliable, and consumed a lot of fuel. One of the reasons the engine was not efficient, was that we spent at full throttle longer than competitors, because it was moving much slower. Because of this I had to start to slow down engine with 250 meters to the turn (usually you brake 100 meters) to have enough fuel to finish the race! Our reliability and speed are better during the season, but was still insufficient to be competitive. I think our car was pretty good, but we could never demonstrate this. The only thing that made the year fun, it has a new partner in the person of Fernando Alonso, who pushed me like no other teammate in my career”.

Mclaren Honda MP4-31, 2016

“Pretty nice car in terms of piloting, but it lacked reliability and pace. The best race of the season, definitely, became the Grand Prix of Austria, where I qualified fifth in changeable weather conditions, has started the third (the two pilots in front were penalties), immediately jumped into second position behind Lewis and then tried to cling to him! I held second place for six laps, while Ferrari, Mercedes and Red bull were not me. Drove the car to the finish in sixth place — in 2016-m to us it was like a victory.”

McLaren MCL32, 2017

“Never thought will once again host a race in f-1, but I offered to replace Fernando for the Monaco Grand Prix, as he spoke at the “Indie 500″. I had concerns because I didn’t drive f-1 six months, in addition to the f-1 has radically changed the technical regulations. But by the fourth turn of the first lap I felt comfortable, which was a relief, and after that I just enjoyed a very special weekend. I qualified ninth and ahead of the partner. I had a penalty for a change of motor, so I had to start last. I tried to get through, but it didn’t go too well: I had an accident and turned the car of Wehrlein. With the exception of this incident, it was a fun experience and it was great to meet a bunch of friends in the paddock”.

Bonus. SMP BR1 LMP1

“These machines look amazing. I first raced in the LMP car at Le Mans – after just one day of testing in Magny-Cours, and what an experience it was! We broke the engine in 55 minutes to finish, but the experience was awesome. I was driving the car at sunset and dawn, each of the shifts lasted more than three and a half hours, and each lap we were dispersed to 360 km/h! I have also performed on the stage of the WEC at Silverstone, where we rode the third, but again was broken. On “Fuji” we for some time were in the lead and Shanghai earned the first podium in a difficult race in difficult weather conditions. I loved to speak with Mikhail Aleshin and Vitaly Petrov”.

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