Father! Daniil Kvyat after the birth of her daughter rose to the podium Grand Prix of Germany


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MOSCOW, July 28. /TASS/. Russian driver Daniil Kvyat on Sunday for the third time in his career made it to the podium in the “Formula-1”. And on the eve of the Ufa in the life of the pilot, there was something more important – he became a father.

28 July 2019 for a lifetime will remain in the memory of 25-year-old Kvyat. The Russians at the Grand Prix of Germany played one of the best races in my career in the “Formula 1”, if not the best. When severe weather conditions many pilots, among whom was a five-time world champion and current leader of the season Briton Lewis Hamilton, made mistakes and went off the track, Kvyat has acted calmly and reasonably, and competent tactical decision of the team at the right moment, brought a great result. This aerobatic team has demonstrated on the background of the emotions from the birth of her daughter, whom she utimes Kelly Peak, the daughter of three-time champion “Formula 1” Nelson Piquet, gave birth just a few hours before the race.

This telecoaching: championship at the Grand Prix of Germany has proved to be one of the best pilots

Of course, Kvyat is unlikely to be arrived at the podium in the race 11-th stage of the championship, if not capricious weather. From the start of the race weekend in Germany was almost a heat wave – the temperature reached 40 degrees, but on race day was forecast cold and rain, and the weatherman did not disappoint. Rain over the track went still for a few hours before the race, the track had enough to get wet, so it was decided to slightly postpone the start of the racers drove a few laps behind the safety car, and then lined up on the grid and went to fight for places on the podium and in the points zone.

The start of the race was like a “Mercedes” Hamilton retained the first position, while his team-mate Finn Valtteri Bottas came in second place and held off the attack of the Dutchman max Verstappen of “Red bull”. Kvyat also started on the 14th, a little good start, fell back to last place, but began to slowly break up. The most interesting fans ahead when the track began to dry out, and the drivers take the risk and go with intermediate rubber on the slicks.

To keep the car on these tyres in such conditions – a task extremely difficult, if on the trajectory, the track became drier, the outside of it was water, and when the pilots got on this part of the track started aquaplaning, which is virtually impossible to monitor. The first victim was the Monegasque Charles Leclerc from Ferrari, taking off in one of the turns, when they came second in the race. The very next lap in the same place made a mistake and Hamilton, however he was able to continue the race, damaging the front wing, but it broke the rules in the pit lane, for which he received the penalty in five seconds. At this very moment on the track again it was raining, and all the pilots went into the pits again to change to intermediate tyres.

At this timedaniel Kvyat took third place at the German Grand Prix of “Formula-1”

After all these twists and turns come the leaders Verstappen, the runner-up German Nico Hulkenberg of Renault, was third, Bottas, Kvyat took the 11-th position. Soon after the restart flew Hulkenberg, triggering another appearance on the track machine security, and here at Toro Rosso took the key decision that determined the final position Kvyat in the race. The team called the Russian in the pits and “pereobuli” in slicks, it first threw residents at the end of the peloton, but after round after other pilots have also replaced the tires, he came in second place. And if not crash on the last laps of Bottas, which led to another appearance of the safety car, with Kvyat likely would have retained this position, but in the end, after the restart I overtook who had spent no less than phenomenal race German Sebastian Vettel broke with the last starting place on the second, won the race Verstappen.

Roller coaster

For Toro Rosso this podium was the second in history. The first in 2008 brought Vettel, who first won a rain-qualification of the Italian Grand Prix, and the next day brought the pole position to the victory in the rain completely race. Since then, the racers Toro Rosso above fourth place was not raised. The very same for Kvyat this podium was the third in his career, the previous two he won in the “Red bull” – at the Grand Prix of Hungary in 2015 (second place) and the Grand Prix of China in 2016 (third place).

“Awesome to be back on the podium, after so many years in Toro Rosso’s great to bring the team prize. The race was crazy, I finally managed to put it all together to win this podium – said after the race Kvyat. I thought that the race lost to me, but then she was alive again. It was like a roller coaster, in a sense, my entire career.”

According to the former Manager of the first Russian pilot “Formulas-1” Vitaly Petrov Oksana Kosachenko, Kvyat has proved to be one of the best pilots in the “Formula-1”. “In a situation when the weather is so formed and aloof leaders, is really important racing talent. And Dan confirmed today that in conditions of relatively equal it can be one of the best,” said Kosachenko.

On this subject

“One podium doesn’t change anything, it’s just one plus in the Treasury of all of those pluses that he this year gathers in order to be behind the wheel of the senior racing team (Red bull – approx. TASS). But I have a feeling that the Daniel of today, satisfied with what he has, because one success is not an indication that I’m ready, give me a top car”, – said the interlocutor of the TASS.

The pilot program SMP Racing Mikhail Alyoshin believes that Kvyat did a perfect race. “I want to congratulate Daniel with this excellent result, their performances since the beginning of the season, he proved that he is ready to fight and will use any opportunity, Alyoshin said. – And I want to note that in such a chaotic race he didn’t hold back on the track, not have taken off like it happened even with Lewis Hamilton, but unmistakably made it to the finish”.

After 11 stages Kvyat scored 27 points and climbed to eighth place in the standings. The next stage will be held in Hungary from 2 to 4 August.

The Russians in the “Formula 1”

Kvyat was made in “Formula 1” from 2014 to 2017. At first he was a pilot of the team Toro Rosso in 2015, the Russian has been promoted to Red bull, however in the beginning of 2016 was sent back to Toro Rosso, where he played until the end of the season in 2017, after which it was terminated the contract. Before the current season’s championship is back in the Toro Rosso, this season he in addition to third place in Germany, five times finished in the end zone, the best result was seventh place at the Monaco Grand Prix.

The first Russian “Formula-1” Vitaly Petrov. He played for the team “Reno” (2010-2011) and a “Caterham” (2012). In 2011, Petrov became the first Russian driver caught on the runway stage “Formula 1”, took third place at the Grand Prix of Australia.

Season 2018 in “Royal races” held Sergey Sirotkin, but in the championship for his team, “Williams” turned out to be disastrous, the team took the last place in the Cup of designers, and the Sirotkin scored only 1 point – least of all in season.

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