FIFA obligates clubs to extend expiring contracts with players


The international football Federation (FIFA) will require clubs to extend expiring agreements with players and coaches before the end of the season. ФИФА обяжет клубы продлить истекающие контракты с футболистами

Lionel Messi talks about the extension of the agreement with Barcelona since the beginning of the season, but the sides have yet to agree. Photo: REUTERS

According to Reuters, the contracts should be extended until the time when the season will be over. Also FIFA want to time the transfer Windows have been changed in accordance with the dates of the beginning of the new season. Such innovations should be permitted if they will not exceed a period of 16 weeks.

The working group of FIFA will also consider the issue of responsibility of the clubs to pay wages to employees for the period until the national championship is suspended. The document says that the teams, players and coaches should work together and agree on the reduction of salaries and instalments.

By the way, on the eve of the Spanish media reported the refusal of the FC Barcelona players on lower wages. Although earlier it was reported that the leaders of the “blue garnet” Lionel Messi, Gerard Pique and Serio Busquets and Sergi Roberto has agreed to take this step. But, apparently, not supported by other players.

However, the President of “Barcelona” Josep Bartomeu intends to take this measure because it believes it is a necessary step to compensate for the negative impact of the pandemic coronavirus. The club are confident that the action is legal, since such legal measures during a state of emergency, which operates in Spain at the moment.

Meanwhile, another Grand Examples – real Madrid gave their stadium available to the city to combat coronavirus. On “Santiago Bernabeu” will store any necessary items or materials, after which they will disseminate in a medical organization.

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