“Five of the best dribbler in the world? Neymar, on and it is not necessary to list”. Benzema responded to fans ‘ questions


Forward “real” Karim Benzema answered fans ‘ questions on her YouTube channel.

— Who’s the best players who you played in?

— It’s hard. I played with Cristiano, Kaka, Raul, Ramos… now I can’t choose just one.

— Determine your position on the field.

— I never try to define yourself as a 9 room 10 or 11. I am a footballer and I try to be the best player in the world.

— Think about “Golden ball”?

— Of course, all the time, since childhood. But that’s not what’s driving me crazy every day.

— What is more sorry than proud of?

— I have no regrets. Most proud of the victories in the “Real world”.

Your favorite eleven players?

— The Composition Of The “”Real”.

— Who do you consider the following three best players in the world?

I don’t know because football is moving fast. You have to be good during the season and win titles with your team. Scoring three goals in one game, you don’t become a world star.

— Four would have changed the title of winner of the Champions League to the trophy of the world Cup?

— No, absolutely not.

— Who is the best defender you ever faced?

— Ramos and Varane, I play against them every workout.

— With whom would you like to play?

— It’s easy. Ronaldo and Zidane.

— 5 best dribbler in the world to you?

— Neymar and it is not necessary to mention.

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