Football player influences Britain more than prime ministers: Rashford’s Twitter will be studied in schools


Football player influences Britain more than prime ministers: Rashford’s Twitter will be studied in schools

British students will study the behavior of Man United striker Marcus Rashford on social media and how and for what purposes they can be used. The examination board of the AQA (independent educational organization) included him in the program due to the impact of the football player on social problems in the pandemic. The striker is actively involved in charity work and opposes discrimination.

Along with the Manchester United forward, the updated GCSE curriculum also includes the MCU hero Black Widow, the Kiss Breakfast Show (a popular British morning show), Heat magazine and the Dark Beginnings TV series based on Philip Pullman’s science fiction novels.

GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) is a general certificate of secondary education. This qualification is usually taken in a range of subjects by high school students (15-16 years old) in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

“I am very excited about the innovations,” said Sandra Allan , head of the AQA arts curriculum. – They are interesting and relevant, they will inspire and motivate. Marcus Rashford is one of the UK’s most influential and inspiring young people. Therefore, students will be able to learn a lot from how he uses social media to make a real impact. ”

Allan argues that the course will provide more than just an opportunity for students to learn about social media. This will be a great way to learn about important social and racial issues. “We do this as part of our commitment to the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion,” added Allan.

The course is optional and is available to those who have chosen the subject of study in the media.

In the spring of 2020, Rashford launched a social media campaign to persuade the government to keep free meals for low-income students in the pandemic. In Boris Johnson had other plans, but pressure from the striker “MJ” made the British Prime Minister to change the decision.

Rashford even wrote an open letter to the British Parliament. Here is a small excerpt from it.

“This summer we could be proud of our team: parents and children would wave flags at Wembley. But the stadium can be filled twice with children who will be deprived of free meals. When their stomachs rumble with hunger, will these 200,000 children be proud of their country? “

That same year, Rashford helped raise £ 20 million for the charity FareShare and became the youngest person to top The Sunday Times’ philanthropic list. In May 2021, the forward drew public attention to the stream of racist insults that hit him on social networks after the defeat of Manchester United in the Europa League final.

In July 2021, Rashford spoke on Instagram about England’s defeat in the UEFA European Championship final. He apologized to the country for the unbeaten penalty shootout. But he also added that he “will never apologize” for who he is: after the failure at Wembley, Marcus was again subjected to racist insults on social networks.

Another initiative of the attacker is to provide schoolchildren with books (Rashford himself admitted that he began reading at the age of 17: all the funds in the family were spent not on books, but on food). To this end, Rashford, together with The Athletic journalist Karl Anka, even published his own book: “You are a champion: how to be the best version of yourself.”

Football player influences Britain more than prime ministers: Rashford's Twitter will be studied in schools

After the release, the book became the children’s bestseller No. 1 in the summer of 2021. Morning Magic for Preschoolers is available on Amazon for £ 4.99 and teaches young readers:

  • how to be in harmony with who you are: “You cannot become a champion while you are unhappy with yourself!”;
  • how to dream great;
  • train like a champion;
  • how to get out of your comfort zone and learn from your mistakes;
  • how to deal with adversity and do it with a positive attitude;
  • how to find your team;
  • how to use your voice and protect others;
  • how to never stop learning.

Due to his constructive social activism, Rashford is extremely popular even when he is not playing (in the 2021/2022 season, he has not yet played due to a shoulder injury). After an unbeaten penalty kick in the Euro final, vandals damaged the graffiti depicting a football player in Manchester, thereby turning it into a place of pilgrimage for local residents. For a couple of days, fans glued the curses with hearts, notes with wishes and encouraging inscriptions.

The number of challenges Rashford faced and the resilience with which he endures them (while encouraging those around him) made him a role model for the younger generation of the British. Children write letters to him, and Rashford book clubs and classrooms have sprung up across the country. And Google, on his behalf, tells how to cognize reality in the early 20s.

In a September column for The Spectator World, the footballer wrote that he is not really heroic, but simply behaves in the most natural way: “I would be doing the community and my family a disservice if I didn’t use my platform to speak on behalf of millions whose voices are not heard. “


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