For the national team of Slovenia “mini-Holland” plays. Real Madrid is interested in him


For the national team of Slovenia “mini-Holland” plays. Real Madrid is interested in him

“Salzburg” did not raise Erling Holland , but it was there that he grew rapidly and from just a talented guy turned into officially the best young player in Europe. Holland is an example of how a well-functioning Red Bull system works: find talent, discover it and sell it dearly. Now in the Austrian club another star shone, which is already called “mini-Holland”. 18-year-old striker Benjamin Sheshko . This guy is interested in Real.

“Such comparisons motivate me and give me energy,” he told Slovenian journalists when asked about the comparison with a Norwegian. – It doesn’t put pressure on me. I will do everything to be even better than him. My teammates tell me that Holland and I are very similar, especially in terms of speed. Most of them even tell me that I am better than him! “

Sheshko first showed himself when in the 2017/2018 season he scored 59 goals in 23 games for the Slovenian team Krško, and just a year later Manchester City, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Borussia and Ajax. But Salzburg won the fight for the Slovenian talent – the striker’s agent Elvis Basanovich explained that when choosing a club, they were guided not by money, but by the prospects, which were much cooler in the Austrian project.

“The interest in him was enormous, I had never seen anything like it before,” Basanovich told SPOX. – But Salzburg proved to us that Benjamin can develop there. It was important to us because he is one of the greatest talents of his age in Europe. He has an incredible body, Benjamin is tall, fast, jumping well, technically gifted, and his greatest strength is his ability to complete. “

After signing a contract with Salzburg, Sheshko immediately went to the Liefering farm club, playing in the second league of Austria. The first season was not very successful (only one goal in 15 matches), but in the second Benjamin revealed himself – he scored 21 goals in 29 games, which was the second result in the entire league, and also gave a crazy sprint in one of the meetings at a speed of 36.11 km / h.

“Benjamin is a very nice guy, funny and a little crazy,” said his teammate Brian Oko. – He is very fast on the field and shoots well on goal. He has great potential. “

Sheshko started this season in Salzburg and scored seven goals and gave three assists in 16 matches. The club’s sporting director Christopher Freund recently told SkySports that Benjamin’s progress over the past few months has been impressive, so the Slovenian “has all the prerequisites to become an international striker in the next few years.”

He is tall (1.93 m), he can score with a head, right or left, from the penalty area or from a middle distance, create chances individually or complete team actions. Sheshko has a powerful physique and explosive speed – in general, the set of his qualities is really impressive. Benjamin’s agent is worried about only one thing: that his client in his 18 years does not lose his head. “It’s not enough to be talented for a successful career,” he said in an interview with As. – You need to stand firmly on your feet and continue to work hard every day. I don’t want him to think that he has already done something in his career. That would be very bad. “

For the same reason, Basanovich does not like that Sheshko is compared to Holland. He is convinced that each player is unique and individual, each has so many different things that affect a career that it is “very ignoble” to compare someone. The agent is convinced: Benjamin must develop gradually, therefore, despite the current interest of Real Madrid, he will spend the next 2-3 years in Salzburg. “We don’t need to rush anywhere,” he told AS.

Three facts about Sheshko in the national team

  • Sesko went down in history as the youngest player to make his debut for the Slovenian national team. On June 1, 2021, he entered the field in the North Macedonia – Slovenia match the day after his 18th birthday.
  • The striker could represent Bosnia and Herzegovina, because his mother is from there, but made a choice in favor of the Slovenian national team.
  • In the match against Malta on October 8, Sheshko scored the first goal for the national team.


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